5 Best Tea Options To Kick-Start Your Day


Tea is undoubtedly one the most consumed beverages in the world and let’s agree to the fact – a cup of tea in the morning can lift up the mood and energy in just no time. In fact, for most of us, morning doesn’t start without a hot cup of chai and a newspaper. Besides refuelling you, tea also helps drive away all the laziness, drowsiness and stress. This is why we resort to tea throughout the day, on every occasion. Adding to the popularity, tea leaves are also rich in antioxidants and have numerous health benefits.

We find different tea options in the market, leaving us spoilt for choice. These many options often get confusing too. Hence, we handpicked 5 of our favourites that might help make a wise choice while buying one for your family. Take a look.

1. Vedaka Gold Tea

Made with high quality leaves, this pack of tea is versatile and gives you options to make chai of your choice – masala tea, ginger tea, Sulaimani tea, et al. It contains hand-picked long tea leaves that enhance the richness and flavour of the tea.

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2. Wagh Bakri Premium Leaf Tea

Here’s another pack of tea made with high quality leaves. This packet of Wagh Bakri tea is known to have a strong aroma that helps you refresh in no time.

3. Tata Tea Gold

This pack of tea offers an aromatic blend of both long tea leaves and Assam CTC tea leaves. If you are a fan of strong tea (kadak chai), then this product will perfectly fit the bill.

4. Red Label Tea

Another popular chai option, this product by Brooke Bond is rich in taste and makes an ideal choice to delight your senses with the very first sip. Steep for 5 minutes and you will get a tea that tastes aromatic, refreshing and soothing.

5. Society Leaf Tea

Nothing feels better in the morning than a warm cup of tea. This pack offers refreshing tea leaves which makes it a perfect choice to drive away the morning lethargy in a jiffy.

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