4-Year-Old Saves Kitchen From Catching Fire, ‘Smart Girl’ Says Internet


Toddlers are an adorable bunch, with a unique set of quirks and traits which make them so. However, these tiny tots’ reactions to times of crisis may actually surprise you. When 4-year-old Amelia was dancing around her home to her favourite movie ‘Frozen’, the last thing she expected to see in the kitchen was the beginning of a fire. The air fryer in the kitchen had short-circuited, causing a small fire in the kitchen. However, the little girl kept her cool and quickly alerted her father to avert the disaster from spreading to the other parts of the home. Take a look at the video here:

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Shared on Instagram by Daniel Patrick Jermyn, the video was footage from the home’s CCTV camera. In the corner of the clip, we could see the glow from the fire which emulated from the air fryer. The fire filled the room with thick grey smoke. Four-year-old Amelia then saw the fire and immediately rushed to alert her father, who was in the washroom.

“So my daughter saved my home tonight. The Air fryer short circuit and caught on fire. Now that it’s all said and done you can hear Amelia say, “oh no, my dad is gonna kill me” followed by “think think”. She is a real hero today all while #frozen was playing in the background,” wrote the proud father in the caption of the post.

According to reports, the Jermyn family was completely safe apart from a few minor burns on Daniel’s feet. Thanks to Amelia, the Florida family averted what could have been a major disaster. “Glad everyone’s ok!!! She really is the best,” wrote one user in the comments section while another wrote, “Bravo little princess.” A few others also suggested keeping a fire extinguisher handy in the kitchen.

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