4 Electric Tandoor Options To Make Tandoori Chicken, Fish And More


If there’s one thing that never fails to impress us in the culinary world, then it surely has to be tandoor-based recipes. From tandoori chicken tikka and fish to tandoori gobhi, egg and more, each and every tandoori recipe is nothing less than a heaven on the taste buds. However, to make each one of these recipes we need to have the correct appliance at home. Traditional tandoor oven is bulky and space consuming. That’s where electric tandoor oven comes to the rescue. Electric tandoor is a kitchen appliance that helps in making restaurant-like tandoori food at home without any hassle.

Considering the popularity, we have handpicked 4 electric tandoor options for you to choose from. All these electric tandoors are compact and easy to use and store. So, without any further ado, let’s get started with the list.

Here’s A List Of 4 Electric Tandoor To Choose From:

1. Glen Electric Tandoor 1100-Watt Silver (SA5014)

This electric tandoor comes with an energy efficiency heating element and thermal insulation to save energy. You can prepare a variety of recipes in this tandoor, for instance- paneer tikka, chicken tikka, chicken roasted and more.

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2. HOTLIFE Electric tandoor

Strong and sturdy, this electric tandoor has a tough body made up of cast iron that makes it long lasting. Besides tandoor, it can also be used as a grill pan, toaster and also as an electric BBQ.

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3. Wellberg Electric Tandoor

Here we bring you another strong and sturdy electric tandoor made up of iron. This tandoor features a cooking tray on the body that can cook any kind of food. Besides, it also has one baking tray so that you can roast, grill or tandoor your favourite recipes.

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4. Mini Chef Electric Tandoor

This tandoor has 2000w power, making it ideal to tandoor recipes in just a few minutes. Besides, it is lightweight and comes with an elegant body that can also enhance your kitchen look.

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