4 Baking Mould Options That Are Great For Baking Beginners


There is something about a gooey piece of chocolate cake that soothes everybody’s heart. However, the only way we can get our hands on a cake is by buying it from a bakery. Buying cake can become costly and therefore we can’t do it more often. We all have always wanted to try to bake a cake at home, but the lack of knowledge and equipment has always hindered us from making one. Not anymore, we have found some cake moulds options that would turn any novice baker into a master chef. Now, you will be able to enjoy a piece of cake whenever you want.

Here Are 4 Cake Mould Options For You:

1.XACTON Carbon Steel Cake Mould Set

Xacton’s multi-purpose set is designed in a way to up your baking game. All the pieces of equipment are made of carbon steel. From muffin and cake to loaf and cookies – you can bake almost everything in this mould.

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2.Carty Teflon Coated Spring Form Mould Set

Carty’s baking set has multiple moulds that come in handy for all kinds of baking needs. It comes with a heart shape mould, a round-shaped mould and a square-shaped mould. The Teflon coated springform pans have a detachable base. They also come with a buckle that provides easy release of baked goods.

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3.KC Aluminium Cake Mould – 3 Piece

KC’s baking set comes with 3 pieces of moulds, all of different sizes. With different weight variations, you can bake a cake for all occasions. The round-shaped moulds can also be used to make a three-tiered cake.

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4.A-ONE Cake Making Supplies

A-One’s baking set is meant to provide you with all the baking essentials a first-time baker might needs. It comes with a cake three mould, nozzle set, baking tray and more.

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