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28 Year old fitness trainer transformed 5000+ people to get into perfect shape without Using any supplements or medicine

Fitness for Life started by an EX-MNC employee Mahesh and his wife supriya provides ONE-ON-ONE coaching services for Fat loss, muscle Gain, PCOS/PCOD, thyroid, post pregnancy weight loss, diabetes, cholesterol, kidney stone and baby nutrition.

Their personalized transformation plans include things like customized Diet plans, workout routine, supplements list, homemade recipes, progress tracking app, online assistance.

Fitness for Life was started back in march 2020 when pandemic kicks in. People were stuck in lockdown and they couldn’t go out, Mahesh saw that as an opportunity he started an instagram page and started teaching people how to use things already available at their home to get into shape whether you are fat or thin he was helping people to get into perfect share using things already available at their home.

His stratiges were so effective and people loved them so much that their personalised paid transformation 1 on 1 coaching programme were taken by more than 5000+ people and with 100% success rate In just less than 6 months they were able to cross the revenue of $1 million dollars (RS.7 crore) and In less than 6 months they went from having No followers to over 200,000 followers and having more than 5000+ lives transformed.

When asked Mahesh said it wasn’t always like that…he himself was a fat, under confident person and his wife also used to encourage him to get back in share and finally in 2017 on a black Friday sale he purchased a 1 on 1 coaching 4 weeks transformation for $1000. After that his passion in fitness and taking care of oneself increased he also completed course on becoming a trainer and became a certified trainer that’s where he came up with the name “FITNESS for LIFE”.

He thought about quitting his job and starting a business before but like a lot of people he was scared to death. In 2020 his wife finally suggested why you don’t just start to give your advice for free after all he was a certified trainer.

In March 2020 he gathered some courage and started teaching people for free! From there on him and his wife never looked back.

The Secret of his success he says is, “Our 1 ON 1 personalised training was so good that once people signed in they started to see results in less than 10-12 days, and they started to recommend us to their friend and family and that’s when our business took off. We have more than 5000 people who went through our trainings and transformed their body and most of them came because of their friend or family recommended them our services.”

People generally have this misconception that they can’t get 6 pack ABS or lose weight or control their diabetes without medicines, but they’re wrong. You Already have the resources available people just don’t know how to Use them, we started to help by creating a plan, tracking their progress, and by continuously following up with people we almost 100% of the time succeeded, he Added.

We should all take Mahesh’s story as an inspiration.

And if you want to take care of your body and health now without using any medicines and doing it all at home naturally. Take fitness for life’s Mahesh help!!!

His Instagram profile : @fitnessforlife.in

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