10 Tasty And Healthy Snacks That Deserve A Seat On Your Road Trip


The season of road trips, hiking and trekking is here. These days travel enthusiasts prefer road trips as they can move at the desired pace while maintaining social distancing from other travellers. One of the most important and fun parts of these trips is snacking. One cannot simply relish the experience of driving through the serene locations without having something equally tasty to munch on. If you too are planning a road trip with your friends and family then we have some mouth-watering options right here. These will not only satisfy your tongue but are also healthy.

1. Fruits, Nuts & Seeds

The tempting, colourful fruits are the perfect companions while on a long journey. They provide nutrients even when you are on the go. Plus, they are easier to carry and light on the belly. Make sure you pick the right kind of fruits that do not get too ripe too fast. Carry fruits like apples and pears which can be eaten on the go sans hassle. 

Nuts are a rich source of fibre, protein and many other nutrients. A mix of various nuts like almonds, peanuts, cashews, and raisins in a jar can go a long way. The healthy snack option is also quite filling.

Another fun way to keep your stomach loaded is by having a stock of crunchy seeds. Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, chia seeds are some of the nutritious options that can never go wrong.

Whole grains and nuts are a must-have for healthy snacks.

2. Whole grain crackers

Move over oily chips and fried snacks, and try these yummy whole grain crackers. They are made with super healthy ingredients such as whole wheat flour, ground oats and flax seeds. Not only are they healthy and packed with energy, but also loaded with great taste. Click here for the recipe.

3. Makhanas

Also known as fox nuts, these fluffy and tasty little pieces are the favourite amongst health-conscious beings. They are gluten-free too. Roasted makhanas or spicy makhanas are perfectly irresistible alternatives.

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Ghee roasted makhana make for a healthy snacking option on road trips.

4. Home Cooked Banana Chips

We can never say no to chips, can we? The crispy round banana slices are always worth one more bite. You can make them at home quickly. Here is the recipe. Use an air fryer for healthy results with minimal oil. 

5. Healthy Cupcakes

    Give those bakery-bought cupcakes a break to make your own healthy version in advance. The cake made out of oats, coconut yoghurt and dates is equivalent to a rich treat during trips. We have the recipe for you here

    6. Sandwiches

    Sandwiches have always been classic trip companions. You can make a simple bread and butter sandwich. Opt for healthier fillings which are low on calories. You can also spruce it up with a healthy chutney. Wanna try?

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    Make a healthy sandwich filled with loads of veggies and chutneys.

    7. Chikki

    Chikkis are sweet Indian snack items that come in a variety of forms. You can have these nourishing bars made of peanuts, sesame seeds or Amaranth (Rajgira).

    8. Health Cookies

    Delicious cookies deserve to have a place on your list of snacks while travelling. They come in flavours and also are quite hassle-free to carry.  Recipe here.

    9. Baked Namak Pare

    The quintessential Indian snack, Namak Pare is a recipe which can never go out of style. Make it in the healthy way without calories with our special baked recipe. Trust us, it’ll be your go-to snack for every road trip. Try the recipe here

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    The goodness of Namak Pare comes in a baked version with this recipe.

    10. Popcorn

    Who said popcorn is only reserved for movie nights? Pop some corn in your kitchen for your journey. You can add desired flavours to it like cheese or caramel. Check it out.

    These were some of the delectable snack options you can stuff into your luggage next time. Let us know your pick!

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