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‘Good Tool To Download Other Browsers’: Korean Man Builds Internet Explorer Gravestone

Internet Explorer, the first web browser we used after internet became mainstream, was completely shut down after about 27 years in service. The Internet Explorer has been killed in favour of the new Microsoft Edge browser, which offers a faster and safer browser experience.

As Microsoft shut down the Internet Explorer, it left a lot of users from the 1990’s to early 2000s with a lot of memories. One such user in South Korea has made a tombstone or a gravestone for the now-defunct web browser as a tribute to Internet Explorer that is no less than a “legend” in the digital world that we know of today. The tombstone, made by Jung Ki-Young, says “He was a good tool to download other browser,” noting down one of the things the Internet Explorer was most used for during its last few years as the default web browser for Microsoft Windows.

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The tombstone was showcased at a cafe run by Ki-Young’s brother in Gyeongju, South Korea. The picture of the gravestone went viral on the internet soon after it was posted. Jung, told Reuters that he has mixed feelings about the Internet Explorer shutting down. He said that while it was a pain, users had a love-hate relationship with the browser because it once dominated the space. He said that the idea behind the $300 (roughly Rs 23,400) tombstone was to make people laugh, but to his surprise, it went viral.

“That’s another reason for me to thank the Explorer, it has now allowed me to make a world-class joke. I regret that it’s gone, but won’t miss it. So its retirement, to me, is a good death,” Jung told Reuters.

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Microsoft announced the retirement of Internet Explorer in a blog post on June 15, encouraging people to use Microsoft Edge for a better experience.

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