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Gohoardings: Where Billboards Meet Brilliance – A Symphony of Sales, Tech, and Transparency!

Gohoardings is a game-changer in the competitive advertising industry, where novelty and exposure are of the utmost importance. Co-founded by the incomparable combination of Vikas Sharma and Deepti Awasthi Sharma, is transforming the way businesses interact with outdoor media by streamlining the process of buying and selling advertising space.

The ‘Queen of Billboards,’ Deepti Awasthi Sharma, has extensive experience in sales and customer service throughout India. Gohoardings has been propelled by her dedication to putting customers first. The platform provides a wide variety of services, such as digital out-of-home (DOOH), mall media, in-flight media, and transit advertising, with a primary goal of streamlining the notoriously complicated outdoor advertising industry. Outdoor advertising has been increasingly popular, and Gohoardings has emerged as the market leader.

The story of how someone who dropped out of Chartered Accountancy ended up at the leadership of a successful company is encouraging. Deepti Awasthi Sharma’s dedication to sales and pursuit of excellence have been essential in the company’s ability to endure difficult times and chart a course for growth. In her own words, “Always trust the process & keep going as we are always working to be better every day.”

While Deepti focuses on the sales and client satisfaction aspect, Vikas Sharma takes charge of the technological side of things. This husband-wife duo has built a kingdom in the male-dominated billboard industry, with each complementing the other’s strengths, creating a harmonious balance that propels Gohoardings forward.

One of Gohoardings’ standout features is its commitment to price transparency. In an era where hidden costs and unclear pricing structures are commonplace, Gohoardings takes a bold stance by offering clear and transparent pricing. This commitment ensures that brands have a clear understanding of their investment, fostering trust and long-term partnerships.

Gohoardings’ dedication to honest pricing is a major selling point. Gohoardings takes a stand by providing straightforward pricing in an era where hidden fees and complicated rate plans are the norm. Brands can rest easy knowing they’re making an investment with this dedication, which is great for building confidence and lasting relationships.

Gohoardings has reshaped the outdoor advertising industry with its persistent pursuit of excellence and innovation. The husband-and-wife team behind this successful platform continues to show how dedication, perseverance, and openness can build an empire in a fiercely competitive field. Gohoardings is not just a platform; it’s a testament to the power of a shared vision and the impact of a relentless work ethic in turning dreams into reality.



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