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GHMC to use diamond cutters to raze Deccan Sports building

HYDERABAD: The charred remains of the unauthorised six-storey structure in the overcrowded Ramgopalpet neighbourhood, which was destroyed after a fire tore through it on January 19 and claimed at least four lives, will be demolished using diamond cutters.

Officials are still evaluating the technologies to be deployed to demolish the building and are awaiting a report from engineering experts. Sources said the authorities are considering the diamond cutter technique, which would require cutting and separating each pillar, wall, and beam by using a crane.

The building, said to be owned by a powerful politician of the ruling dispensation, could be demolished in a matter of seconds using implosion technology; this option is unlikely to be adopted given that it is situated in a densely populated commercial area. A report is likely to be submitted soon, after which demolition work will start.

Officials claim that the “risky portions” of the charred building might be demolished employing diamond cutters, the most popular controlled demolition technique, mounted on 70-foot cranes.

The remaining demolition work wouldn’t start until Strident, a company which the civic body had engaged, tested the structural stability and related concerns. According to officials, it was unsafe to deploy staff in the demolition process because the bottom floors were fragile and could put their lives in danger.

The first, second, and third floors’ rear slabs have all collapsed, while the building’s two basement floors have been gutted, a fire department official stated on Saturday. The unoccupied fifth and sixth floors are intact. According to a top GHMC official, the building was permitted to have G+4 levels; however, two more floors were added subsequently, breaching all regulations and endangering the lives of several people.

The building also lacked a no objection certificate (NoC) from the fire department. This is being investigated, according to officials. Apart from the main floor, the building includes six additional floors, including two basement floors.

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