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GATE 2023: Last Minute Exam Preparation Tips

GATE 2023 to begin from February 4 (Representative image)

One of the major steps before starting preparation is to know the detailed syllabus of GATE 2023. It helps in setting one’s priorities and gives a clear understanding of what needs to be studied

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a national-level engineering entrance exam for admission into master’s programmes and recruitment in leading PSUs. This year, the exam will be conducted by IIT Kanpur and is scheduled on February 4, 5, 11, and 12 for as many as 29 papers.

GATE is considered to be one of the most competitive exams in the country, therefore, it is important for aspirants to create an effective preparation strategy to ace the examination. Below are a few tips for aspirants to keep in mind:

Studying from the right resources

With a plethora of options in the market to choose from, aspirants must make the right choice when it comes to their preparation resources. Choosing the right reference material is of utmost importance to grasp the syllabus with ease. Some of the recommended books that an aspirant can refer to are, TOC – Theory of Computation by Ullman, Operating System by Galvin, and Algorithm by Cormen which will help them strengthen their concepts

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Invest in both last-minute revision notes and long-term preparation strategy

Several GATE experts who have aced the exam have followed the practice of making short notes while studying each subject. This practice helps in keeping critical concepts and formulae at your fingertips before the day of the exam. Similarly, it is recommended to have a planned strategy to study as per the latest syllabus. It is always recommended to start your preparation journey with easy and important subjects, like engineering mathematics and general aptitude, or based on your aptitude and move on to complex subjects.

Attempt mock test series and solve full-length tests

To ensure you’re on track with preparation, it is critical to keep in mind the amount of time you will take to complete the syllabus. Therefore, taking mock exams in a test-like setting is advised. One should attempt full-length tests and gather accurate assessments of their weaknesses.

Check the syllabus and exam pattern well in advance

One of the major steps before starting preparation is to know the detailed syllabus of GATE 2023. It helps in setting one’s priorities and gives a clear understanding of what needs to be studied. With the help of the GATE syllabus, aspirants can plan their studies and focus on topics that require more time and concepts.

For example, General Aptitude (GA) is a mandatory section for all GATE papers. Whereas, engineering mathematics is compulsory for all papers except (GG and XL). Additionally, having a clear vision of the set pattern for GATE 2023 is critical. As the exam consists of both multiple-choice questions and numerical-type questions (MCQs & NAT), the marking schemes for different question papers will also differ from each other which should be considered in your preparation strategy

Maximise your revision time

Aspirants who wish to build a career through GATE must understand the importance of regular revisions. Including one or two hours of revision time in your daily study plan will not only help in a better understanding of the topic but will also help in analysing your strengths and areas requiring more time

Avoid stress

It is normal for the aspirants to get anxious leading up to the final day keeping the intense competition in mind. But they should understand the importance of proper sleep, especially a few days before the exam. Considering stress is a major reason for failing the exam, aspirants should try to maintain a positive mindset, avoid overthinking and keep themselves calm. One shouldn’t overwhelm themselves with long study hours.

Keeping all the highlighted points in consideration, aspirants should spend the last month of their preparation following their schedule, revising important topics, and keeping themselves motivated. Do not skip power breaks to rejuvenate your mind.

— Written by Vishvadeep Gothi, Unacademy Educator

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