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‘F*#king… it just changes’, Giannis’s MVP frustrations reach boiling point as NBA season winds down

With the NBA regular season winding down, the debate over the coveted MVP award has heated up, and Giannis Antetokounmpo is not pleased. The Milwaukee Bucks star recently shared his frustrations about the lack of clarity surrounding the definition of the award in an interview with The Athletic’s Sam Amick.

Giannis Antetokounmpo #34 of the Milwaukee Bucks(Getty Images via AFP)

Antetokounmpo, a two-time MVP winner himself, questioned what it takes to be the MVP and admitted that he finds the criteria to be ambiguous. “Sometimes, the best player isn’t the most valuable player on the team,” he said. “Like, I feel like [Bucks center] Brook [Lopez] is such a valuable player for our team. Like [the MVP criteria] just f———sorry for my language—it just changes.”

He further went on to say, “As I said again, I can’t control that. I can control only how I prepare for the game and try to be ready for the game.”

Despite the uncertainty, Antetokounmpo has been dominating the court this season, averaging a career-high 31.5 points per game on 54.1% shooting, while also contributing 11.9 rebounds and 5.5 assists per game. The 28-year-old has helped power the Bucks to a league-best 50-19 record with just 13 regular season games left to play.

If the Bucks maintain their spot atop the Eastern Conference, Antetokounmpo may very well be in the running for his third MVP award as he chases a second NBA championship. However, the competition is stiff, with Nikola Jokić and Joel Embiid also strong contenders for the title.

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The ambiguity surrounding the MVP award may continue to cause frustration among players, but Antetokounmpo is focused on controlling what he can and preparing for each game. As for the MVP race, only time will tell which player will emerge as the most valuable.

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