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Every Mafia, Rioter Considered Himself No Less Than CM: PM Modi Slams Congress In Rajasthan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today blasted the Congress government in Rajasthan accusing it of corruption and lawlessness. Addressing a rally in the state’s Nagaur, PM Modi said that during the Congress rule in the state, every mafia and every rioter considered himself no less than the chief minister or state government. He said that on one side, the Congress had a license to loot and on the other side, there was Modi’s guarantee that the country trusted.

Attacking the grand old party over infighting, PM Modi said that there is no reconciliation despite a hundred handshakes. “They are pretending to join hands but harbour bitterness,” said PM Modi on the Gehlot-Pilot tussle.

Talking about corruption, PM Modi said that the red diary tells the saga of the Congress party’s misrule. “CM’s (Ashok Gehlot) son ready to give in writing that his father’s government won’t come this time,” said PM Modi. He said that the Congress party is upset with Modi due to the BJP government’s action against corrupt people.

“I am doing what you like and Congress people are upset with me. They are worried about why is Modi doing this. They are verbally abusing me day and night. Yesterday, the Congress president attacked my father. It has been 40 years since he (PM’s father) passed away but he verbally abused him too. What has happened to Congress?…Kharge ji, you were not like this, what has happened to you?” said Modi.

PM Modi also said that triple talaq is not only for Muslim women but for their parents as well. “Some feel anti triple-talaq law is just for Muslim women. It has helped Muslim women’s parents and brothers also,” said PM Modi.

Earlier, addressing a rally in the state’s Bharatpur, Prime Minister Modi accused the Congress of ‘terrorism’ and ‘atrocities’ against women. Attacking the grand old party over the alleged atrocities over the women in the state, PM Modi said, “Where there is Congress government, terrorism, atrocities, all these things, are unbridled there… For Congress appeasement is everything and for it, they can go to any level…”

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