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Everton docked 10 points after guilty verdict in FFP case: football news – live reaction

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Sheffield United, Luton and Burnley are not getting many positive reviews from today’s readers, I must say …

Ryan Grimward emails in to react to the Everton news.

Everton will be absolutely fine. Instead of being firmly mid-table they’ll end up lower mid-table. The three promoted sides are so poor that it could’ve been -20 and Everton would probably still be comfortably safe.

Jude Bellingham will not be in action for England tonight after pulling out of the squad with a shoulder injury, but there’s better news for Real Madrid fans with the midfielder back in training today.

Some more correspondence has come in.

James Bennett says: “Everton should suck it up, cough up compensation for Leeds/ Leicester/ Burnley et al, take the points deduction and thank their lucky stars. There is no better season for this to happen to them. Even with the points deduction they should be aiming for mid table mediocrity and a positive future in a new stadium. Any other season it would be relegation followed by financial Armageddon.”

Paul Burns adds: “Three points from safety with 26 to play? This Everton fan is not even a little bit worried. The boys will take care of business. My thoughts re Leicester and Leeds whingeing are not remotely printable.”

Everton manager Sean Dyche oversees training
Everton manager Sean Dyche oversees training. Photograph: Tony McArdle/Everton FC/Getty Images

Former Everton goalkeeper Neville Southall has spoken to the BBC about today’s news.

“It has been coming so it is no surprise. But at the end of the day they knew it was coming and if they are doing Everton they are doing other clubs as well. Otherwise it is discrimination against one club.

“All it will do is galvanise the players, the manager and the fans into one, which is a good thing, but they must appeal as that is what everyone does.

“However, if I was them I would just take it and get it out of the way. They are playing well and the Premier League is not a great league from the bottom half down, so we have a chance of winning that little bit of a league.

“It sounds harsh and horrendous but if you broke the rules, you broke the rules – just suck it up.”

Away from Everton for a moment and various reports suggest Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s deal to purchase a stake of 25% of Manchester United will be completed and announced today.

Ratcliffe’s INEOS Sports group are taking sporting control of United, with Richard Arnold leaving his role as CEO earlier in the week, and with a hunt for his permanent successor and reportedly a new sporting director in the works.

Another email. And Patrick Brennan has a prediction for us.

It really is going to be an extraordinary moment when Man City are deducted 10 x 115 points, isn’t it…

My breath is baited.

Thanks Yara. This has caused an almighty stir, hasn’t it? And so it should.

The chief executive of non-profit organisation Fair Game, Niall Couper, has commented:

The tragic case of Everton proves not just why football needs a regulator, but why it needs a regulator with real teeth and real power.

Everton should never have been allowed to get into this mess in the first place. Football needs a culture change.

The long term solution is remarkably simple. Football needs a fairer financial flow. Incentivise good behaviour. Redirect the game’s billions to reward well run clubs.

Fair Game is a fast-growing band of clubs that is campaigning to improve football governance across the country.

Dominic is back (insert applause) and will tide you over with some more reaction. I will be back soon.

Some emails have come in.

Antony writes:

Hi Yara, in reply to Nick, the Leicester fan (entry at 12.55pm GMT). No idea why he’s worrying. They are at the top and would probably have to employ Frank Lampard at this point to not get automatically promoted. Secondly the FA is already helping them anyway with the ma-hoo-sive parachute payments.

Jeremy also has thoughts regarding Leicester:

Given the fact that the points deduction could and should have been made LAST season, not this, I am wondering if Leicester City’s lawyers have got the Premiership’s lawyers on speed-dial this afternoon. The ifs and buts are potentially massive and you’d think there was a case to answer there. I’m not anti-Everton, my one and only visit to Goodison was also the one and only occasion I saw Gordon Banks playing, a privilege.

Yes, this decision seems to have massive implications for other clubs. Will be really interesting to see how it all unfolds. And very cool re: Banks.

I’ve also gotten some emails from those with little sympathy for Everton.

Oliver says:

A lot of the defence of Everton seems to be predicated on a foundation of ‘What about these other clubs that have probably also done it’? Surely it doesn’t really matter if other clubs have, or haven’t, broken the rules, but just that all are treated appropriately and proportionate when a final decision on the potential rule breaking is made if they’re found guilty?

Gary chimes in with:

Whilst I appreciate the hysteria from others with definitely no self-interest and only football’s future at heart to get out the flaming torches for City and Chelsea immediately – there’s a very real difference. Everton’s offences were never challenged, it’s all there in the accounts, there was no investigation, it was all about what the appropriate reaction.

And Daniel adds:

My only comment really is break the rules, suffer the consequences. Everton freely admit they broke the rules so I’m not sure why they’re surprised at the consequences. Footballs clubs and fans always think they’re hard done by, in almost any given situation. And until Man City’s case is resolved, it’s no good pointing the finger at them either.

I do wonder how this news would be received if Everton were … better at football.

Everton’s first match following the point deduction will be against Manchester United on 26 November at Goodison Park.

Because of the international break, we won’t be getting any immediate reaction from Sean Dyche, but questions on his feeling towards the deduction will surely be asked in the buildup to the game.

Sean Dyche during the match between Everton and Burnley in the EFL Carabao Cup at Goodison Park
Will we have a 10 point deduction bounce in front of a rocking Goodison Park next weekend? Photograph: Paul Greenwood/Shutterstock

Everton, Man City, 115 FFP, the ev, Meanwhile City, Sean Dyche, and Financial Fair Play are just some of the many terms trending on X right now in reaction to the news of the club’s point deduction.

Here is some more social media reaction from fans, and former players including Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville.

The 10 point deduction for Everton is excessive & not right, considering they have been working with the PL about this for the last couple of years.
Would it have been better to be evasive & try & drag it out like other clubs?

No doubt relegated clubs will have put big…

— Jamie Carragher (@Carra23) November 17, 2023

With @Everton being docked 10 points it will be very interesting to see if other clubs are sanctioned.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) November 17, 2023

when i think of financial crimes in the Premier League, it’s definitely EVERTON that stands out as the most egregious to me. absolutely. for sure.

— Aaron West (@oeste) November 17, 2023

We had about 3 weeks where everything didn’t seem filled with doom and despair for Everton, was nice while it lasted x

— Marva (@MarvaMSK) November 17, 2023

If Everton’s ownership was stronger, helped the PL globalise the product, had won trophies with the help of global sponsors that may or may not exist and had been symbolic of a non-European nation, this points deduction won’t have been imposed. If you know, you know.

— Kaustubh Pandey (@Kaus_Pandey17) November 17, 2023

Have any thoughts that you want to share? Send me an email!

What is financial fair play? FFP has become a shorthand used to describe more than one set of regulations but its origins are in a 2009 review by European football’s governing body. Uefa was concerned at the number of clubs spending more than they were earning and racking up unsustainable debts that threatened their survival.

Rob Davies’s explainer, which was in reaction to the news that Chelsea is facing an FA and Premier League investigation for possible FFP breaches, further explains the rules, and why Chelsea, Manchester City, and Everton are involved.

Commenting on the decision, Dame Caroline Dinenage MP, Chair of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, said:

Today’s announcement will be deeply disappointing for Everton fans, and for everyone who wants to see the English game thrive in a fair and sustainable way.

It is clear that the status quo cannot continue, and so I repeat my call for the Government to urgently introduce the Football Governance Bill, as announced in the King’s Speech, to enable a statutory independent regulator to be in place as soon as possible.

The MP is referring to the government’s plan to put a football governance bill before parliament in the coming year, confirming the legislation that will create an independent regulator for the game.

More on that below.

Premier League statement on Everton’s points penalty

An independent Commission has imposed an immediate deduction of 10 points on Everton FC for a breach of the Premier League’s Profitability and Sustainability Rules (PSRs).

The Premier League issued a complaint against the Club and referred the case to an independent Commission earlier this year. During the proceedings, the Club admitted it was in breach of the PSRs for the period ending Season 2021/22 but the extent of the breach remained in dispute.

Following a five-day hearing last month, the Commission determined that Everton FC’s PSR Calculation for the relevant period resulted in a loss of £124.5million, as contended by the Premier League, which exceeded the threshold of £105million permitted under the PSRs. The Commission concluded that a sporting sanction in the form of a 10-point deduction should be imposed. That sanction has immediate effect.

Alongside their statement, the Premier League have included the Commission’s full written reasons for the ruling and a further decision by the Chair of the Commission regarding applications from Leicester, Burnley, Southampton, Leeds and Nottingham Forest.

They have also added their Profitability and Sustainability Rules from the Premier League handbook and how it deals with investigations and independent Commissions.

Thanks Dominic, sterling shift on what has been a busy afternoon. Here’s an update on how the Premier League stands with the point deduction.

Everton are second bottom, only ahead of Burnley on goal difference. They are only two points from safety.

As for other clubs that are being investigated by the Premier League, Chelsea are firmly in mid-table, while Manchester City lead the table.

I’m going to hand the reins to Yara El-Shaboury for an hour or so while I grab a quick break. You’re in very capable hands.

Nick Marchini emails in…

I’m a Leicester fan and surely the other action the FA should take now is to give LCFC automatic promotion from the Championship.

It doesn’t look like that’s on the table for you guys, Nick.

There’s understandable anger from Everton fans all over social media following that breaking news. The FFP probes into Chelsea and Manchester City are obvious comparison points for many supporters. The City verdict has, of course, not been returned yet.

Everton’s deduction should be a reminder to everyone that Manchester City have 115 charges against their names and the Premier League should push to punish them immediately. #LFC

— The Anfield Talk (@TheAnfieldTalk) November 17, 2023

How the Premier League table now looks after Everton’s points deduction. Eesh. We’ll hear plenty more about this throughout the day, for sure.

Quick Guide

Where Everton now stand in the Premier League table


15 Fulham 12pts
16 Bournemouth 9pts
17 Luton 6pts
18 Sheff Utd 5pts
19 Everton 4pts
20 Burnley 4pts

Thank you for your feedback.

Everton statement on points penalty

Everton Football Club is both shocked and disappointed by the ruling of the Premier League’s Commission.

The club believes that the commission has imposed a wholly disproportionate and unjust sporting sanction. The club has already communicated its intention to appeal the decision to the Premier League. The appeal process will now commence.

Everton maintains that it has been open and transparent in the information it has provided to the Premier League and that it has always respected the integrity of the process. The club does not recognise the finding that it failed to act with the utmost good faith and it does not understand this to have been an allegation made by the Premier League during the course of proceedings. Both the harshness and severity of the sanction imposed by the commission are neither a fair nor a reasonable reflection of the evidence submitted.

The club will also monitor with great interest the decisions made in any other cases concerning the Premier League’s Profit and Sustainability Rules.

A general view of the pitch at Everton's Goodison Park
Everton will appeal the Premier League’s 10-point deduction for a breach of FFP rules. Photograph: Paul Greenwood/Shutterstock

Everton deducted 10 points after FFP probe

Everton have been docked 10 points after being found guilty of breaching Premier League financial fair play rules in the biggest points deduction in the league’s history.

The club could now be sued by Leeds, Leicester and Burnley with the investigation regarding finances from the 2021/22 season. Everton narrowly survived relegation in both 21/22 and 22/23 at the expense of the three aforementioned clubs. They indend to appeal.

Huge breaking news in the Premier League. Here’s the full story:

England’s Under-17s are currently taking on Brazil, in a huge test, the kind that just might mould a few stars of the future. It’s goalless after 17 minutes. This is the lineup.

Goals win games. And winning by 11 goals gets you qualified for tournaments, sometimes.


The numbers behind our impressive Old Trafford record 👀💪

Time is running out to secure your seat for Sunday 🎟️⤵️#MUWomen || #WSL

— Manchester United Women (@ManUtdWomen) November 17, 2023

It’s derby day in Manchester on Sunday, as United host City in a huge WSL clash. The Reds are two points better off than the Blues after six games of the season and with 40,000 tickets sold for the game at Old Trafford, Manchester United head coach Marc Skinner is justifiably excited.

It’s huge. What’s great is that we’re entering the realm where we’re spoken about because football in our city, at Old Trafford, at the Etihad, in the men’s game, consistently brings crowds in.

But actually the women’s teams doing the same I think is really important because what it does is show the love for football in this wonderful city. We have to keep growing that.

I want to sell out Old Trafford on a consistent basis. I want to be able to do that because our fans love the product that we put on the field. That is going to be an aspiration of mine, as well as winning things for the club.

Lionel Messi lamented Argentina’s first defeat since their opening game of the 2022 World Cup, as Bielsa’s Uruguay triumphed 2-0 in Buenos Aires last night.

It’s also the first time Messi has failed to score for his nation since their victory over Poland in the same tournament. Goals from Ronald Araújo and Darwin Núñez were enough for a shock Uruguay win.

“We never felt comfortable,” said Messi. “The loss is a good test for us. They are an intense team and it was difficult for us to play our game.

“They have physical and fast players in the midfield. We didn’t find a way to possess the ball for a long period of time.”

Lionel Messi during Argentina’s defeat to Uruguay
Lionel Messi during Argentina’s defeat to Uruguay. Photograph: Marcos Brindicci/Getty Images

As the kids say, I’m just gonna leave this here …

👀🎶 According to Spotify, Kevin De Bruyne is one of the writers for Drake’s new track ‘Wick Man’…

Even when he’s not playing he still finds a way to assist someone 😅

— CentreGoals. (@centregoals) November 17, 2023

McTominay has 10 goals in his past 21 appearances for Scotland and Manchester United, by the way. Not bad for a player so often criticised, especially by supporters of his club. Here’s that interview in video form for you.

Scott McTominay was less than impressed with the antics from some Georgia players in Scotland’s 2-2 draw last night, accusing them of play-acting and trying to provoke the officials. Six yellow cards and 32 fouls were awarded in a frustrating stop-start contest.

Every game at this level is big, and obviously they have got some really, really good footballers but tonight I thought the way they were acting was a disgrace in terms of provoking the referee as well.

Anyway, that’s football and that’s sometimes the way it goes. We have to keep our heads but it’s difficult. There’s some disappointed people in the dressing room but I feel like it’s something we can build on after coming back twice. They should do something about people pretending that they’re injured when they’re not.

It’s a difficult one to call but rolling around, crying like babies all afternoon is not football. For us, we just wanted to get on with the game and play. Whereas the other side was provoking the referee a lot.

Manchester City handed Erling Haaland injury scare

It turns out Erling Haaland isn’t a bionic man after all. It seems the striker twisted his ankle after coming on for Norway in a 2-0 friendly win over the Faroe Islands yesterday.

Haaland has had some ankle trouble this season, but this is a major scare for Manchester City who face Liverpool in a huge Premier League game on Saturday 25 November when the Premier League returns. He did finish the game but requires treatment on the injury.

Norway team doctor Ola Sand spoke to Norwegian media outlet TV2 about the injury. Sand said: “It was much of the same that happened against Bournemouth a week-and-a-half ago. He has had it before too. He gets a slight twist in his ankle, where he is a bit vulnerable. It hurts a lot right away, and then it goes away pretty quickly. Then we’ll see tomorrow how he is then. Now he will receive some treatment, then there will be peace and rest and then we will see how he is tomorrow morning.”

Erling Haaland goes down with an injury while in action for Norway
Erling Haaland goes down with an injury while in action for Norway. Photograph: NTB/Reuters

Trent Alexander-Arnold is sick of being at the centre of a tedious simmering England selection debate, by the sounds of it. He wants to start for Southgate’s Three Lions and help them win a tournament.

Genuine question: does he merit a start in midfield, given England’s scarcity of options in there? Right-back is a far tougher nut to crack.

Quiz time! Can you beat my score of 10/15 on this? Probably.

It’s not every day that Argentina and Brazil both lose competitive games at the same time. Marcelo Bielsa and Darwin Núñez is a match made in heaven, isn’t it?

🇺🇾💥 Darwin Núñez (24) made no mistake in the 87th minute…

Bielsa’s Uruguay with a big 2-0 win vs Argentina. They also beat Brazil the game before.

— EuroFoot (@eurofootcom) November 17, 2023

Who has qualified for Euro 2024?

In Group A of European Championship qualifying, Spain and Scotland are both through to the finals; it’s merely a case of who finishes top and gets the higher seeding for the draw.

France have a perfect record in Group B and are qualified. The Netherlands can take a big step to joining them if they beat Ireland tomorrow (Saturday), but Greece are still in the hunt.

England are through from Group C and will be assured of top spot with a win over Malta tonight. If Italy beat North Macedonia they’ll be locked on 13 points with second placed Ukraine.

Both Wales and Croatia face vital games tomorrow in their battle to join Türkiye in qualifying from Group D.

Group E is a major tussle, with nobody yet assured of qualification, but Albania, Czechia, Poland and even Moldova still in the mix. Some big games tonight in that group.

Meanwhile, Austria and Belgium have both sailed through Group F; Hungary’s dramatic 2-2 draw with Bulgaria last night was enough for them to seal their spot in the finals, with Montenegro in the hunt for second with Serbia.

Slovenia and Denmark are joint top of Group H but neither are over the line yet, while the same goes for Switzerland and Romania at the Group I summit.

Portugal’s 2-0 win against Liechtenstein last night maintained their perfect record through qualification – they’ll be at Euro 2024, joined by Slovakia who took second in Group J with a 4-2 triumph over Iceland.

With Germany qualified automatically as hosts, and three teams to qualify via the Nations League, there are 10 more places to be claimed in this international break.

This is a cracking read on the 30th anniversary of a historic night of international football. Look away if your name is Paul Bodin.

Euro 2024 qualifiers – let’s have a run through tonight’s fixtures and shortly (when my brain has fully woken up) we’ll go through what some of the major nations need to qualify.


In other international football news last night, Scotland left it late to salvage a point against Georgia. The Tartan Army have already booked their tickets for Euro 2024 but are gunning to finish top of the group. Lawrence Shankland clinched a point in stoppage time in Tbilisi.

Luis Díaz scores against Brazil while father weeps in stands

An emotional Luis Díaz scored a brace in Colombia’s stunning 2-1 victory over Brazil in Barranquilla last night, as his father watched on in the stands and wept next to his wife.

Luis Manuel Díaz had been held captive for 12 days in a mountainous region by a guerrilla group, before being released and reunited with his family. When Liverpool star Díaz scored against Luton a fortnight ago, he’d revealed a t-shirt that said ‘Libertad Para Papa’ – freedom for dad.

Díaz’s two headers helped Colombia down Brazil in World Cup qualifying for the first time in 15 matches, after Gabriel Martinelli’s early strike for the Seleção. This is what the Liverpool winger said afterwards:

I thank God. He makes it all possible. We have always lived tough moments, but life makes you strong and brave. So is soccer and so is life. We deserved this victory.

Brazil goalkeeper and Liverpool teammate Alisson said:

He is a friend, he suffered a lot these days. This is beyond soccer, he deserves it.


Good morning and welcome to our regular Friday offering of live football news. It’s often a little quieter than usual in the international break, but football being football there’ll be more than enough to tide us over through the day: from reaction to last night’s Euro 2024 qualifiers and other internationals around the world, to previewing this weekend’s Women’s Super League. So make a coffee and stick around … why not, eh?

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