World Environment Day 2021: Theme, history and significance


New Delhi: Every year, on June 5, nations all over the world come together to celebrate World Environment Day. This year, it falls on a Saturday giving us the weekend to mull over the pressing environmental issues and brainstorm creative solutions to tackle them.

The occasion is headed by the United Nations to increase awareness and encourages countires to take action to protect our natural environment and ecosystems. To understand this event better, let’s take a look at the history, significance and theme of World Environment Day 2021.


The first World Environment Day was held in 1974 and since its genesis it has developed into a globally-recognised platform for bringing forth environmental issues such as marine pollution, global warming, wildlife crime, and ocean acidification. Over 143 countries participate in the event annually. 


This year, World Environment Day, is focussing on reviving damaged ecosystems. According to the official website of the occasion, we’re facing an acute loss of ecosystems which is depriving the world of forests, peatlands, animal habitats, and carbon sinks. 

It’s important we ponder upon this issue as all of us are dependent on healthy ecosystems for survival. Interestingly, this doesn’t just include nature but also man-made systems such as towns, cities and farms. This year, the hashtag that’s been chosen to fit the theme is #GenerationRestoration.


In context of COVID-19, experts at UN believe we’ve lost vital ecosystems and created an environment ideal for pathogens to spread. In addition, this day offers each individual a huge platform to bring about positive change. Businesses are pushed forward to come up with greener and more eco-friendly products.

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