Working with TVF and as an individual creator – Discussing Depths


New Delhi: Satish Ray, a renowned YouTuber who is known for his wit and sarcasm, shares his experiences working with a corporate, and as an individual creator.

According to him, during his college days, he used to be a great follower of TVF (The Viral Fever), and wanted to be a part of it as well. It wasn’t a success at first, but after when he moved to Mumbai, to try his luck in entertainment industry, he came across an opportunity to be a part of TVF as a Writer.

He cracked the interview and worked in TVF for 1 and a half years as a writer. But he eventually got popular as Imaandar Sharma a character he played in TVF videos and interviews. He is one of those content creators who have both the experience of corporate content creation and individual channel, since he now runs his own channel with more than half a million subscribers.

According to him, if as an individual, someone wants to add voice to the content, there’s no one to restrict them. However, that is not always the case with a channel owned by a company. One has to work according to the defined structure. A script written at TVF doesn’t only comprise of a single writer’s jokes, but of others as well. There is in fact a proper discussion held, and multiple drafts made before finalizing the script. Satish mentions that the good thing about TVF or any corporate channel is that there is a dedicated team for every process like Direction, Sound, Post Production and so on. It is a cumulative humour and vision.

On the other hand, as an individual, one doesn’t know where to start off. It’s a one man show. There’s no dedicated team, and only the person has to come up with thoughts, shoot the content and edit it themselves, and then release it. Going solo surely does give a lot of knowledge of ground zero.

Ray says that it has been a good experience working at both ends for him. Though being a solo creator, he does have a team dedicated to processes involved in the production of a video for his channel. 

He is aware of the fact that there’s more fan following of a solo creator, than corporate. In his opinion, a solo creator is able to connect well enough with their audience, since there is a one to one connect. That is why, during lockdown, the corporate viewership had gradually decreased, but at the same time, went up for solo creators.

Satish strongly believes that as an individual, one must be committed to their work, as there’s no other person to look after things. In corporate, one might let go of a task, and do it some other time.

Also, according to him, the level of satisfaction being as a solo creator, is more than being a part of a corporate team. He doesn’t limit himself to just being an actor, but he writes and directs as well. He wishes to continue the same work style, if he ever manages to get into the Bollywood. He even wishes to win a Filmfare Award in the future as well. Well, all the best champ! 


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