Why Vicky Kaushal’s Sardar Udham didn’t make the cut for India’s Oscars 2022 entry


New DelhiSardar Udham Singh biopic which starred Vicky Kaushal was released on Amazon Prime Video on October 16. Directed by Shoojit Sircar, produced by Ronnie Lahiri and Sheel Kumar and based on the life of revolutionary Sardar Udham Singh is being applauded by critics and audiences alike.

It was even being considered as the official entry by India for the Oscars 2022. In the end, the spectacular Tamil film ‘Koozhangal’ directed by P.S. Vinothraj was chosen as India’s Oscar entry.

In an interview with Times Of India, Indraadip Dasgupta, who was part of the selection jury for India’s Oscar entry, revealed why Sardar Udham didn’t make the cut. 


He told TOI, “Sardar Udham is a well-made production with brilliant cinematography that lives up to international standards. But it is a little lengthy and harps on the Jallianwala Bagh incident. It is an honest effort to make a lavish film on an unsung hero of the Indian freedom towards the British. In this era of globalisation, it is not fair to hold on to this hatred. ‘Koozhangal’, in contrast, is a truly Indian film with a global appeal. It has no agenda attached to it. It is the most honest film among all the contenders.”

The 13 contenders for the race to the Oscars were ‘Chhello Show’, ‘Mandela’, ‘Nayattu’, ‘Sardar Udham’, ‘Bridge’, ‘Sherni’, ‘Shershah’, ‘Kagaz, ‘Aata Vel Zaali’, ‘Toofan’, ‘Godavari’.


The film ‘Sardar Udham’ revolves around how the freedom fighter avenged the death of innocents at the Jallianwala Bagh massacre led by Micheal O’Dwyer.

On March 13, 1940, Sardar Udham Singh shot Micheal O’Dwyer at a meeting at East India Association and The Royal Central Asian Society at Caxton Hill. Taking out the revolver from his diary, he shot at General Dwyer.


He did this in front of the world because he wanted to send a message, he wanted this to be an event that reminded people of the revolution, and that the world should never forget India’s greatest tragedy. He was calm and stood there waiting patiently when he was arrested by the police. He was imprisoned in the Brixton prison.

The depiction of the horrific episode which inspired Udham Singh to kill Sir Micheal O’Dwyer has left a hard-hitting impact. The visual portrayal of this incident sent chills down the spine of the viewers. Udham Singh, who witnesses an unspeakable horror and does his best to save the wounded is a scene that made the viewer’s heart wrench. 

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