‘We used to eat roti with salt’: Bharti Singh recalls facing poverty while she was growing up!


New Delhi: Ace comedienne and television personality Bharti Singh recently poured her heart out in Maniesh Paul‘s new podcast and told her story as never heard before. During the podcast, she spoke about her family’s experience with poverty and revealed that on certain days, they wouldn’t have enough food to eat and would have to sustain on roti and salt. 

She told Maniesh Paul, “If I go home I’ll see poverty, I didn’t want to go home. No vegetables today. So make black tea and eat stuffed bread dipped in black tea. The noise from the machine while stitching dupattas. I’ve heard that for 21 years of my life because my mother used to stitch veils. I still get irked when I listen to it. Earlier, they used to eat roti with salt. But now they can afford dal and vegetables.”

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In the same podcast, Bharti had also spoken about her absent father and how she never received love from him.

Bharti Singh told Maniesh Paul, “In my life, I just have my mother. I don’t have a father. When I was just two years old, he passed away. I haven’t even seen him, Maniesh. I don’t even have photos of my father in my house. I don’t allow anyone to put them up. My sister has seen my father’s love and my brother, but not me. But Maniesh, I didn’t even get love from my brother in my house, because everyone’s busy with their own work. But now, the love I get from my husband (Haarsh Limbachiyaa) has made me realise how a man is supposed to care.”

Bharti lost her father at a tender age and opened up on how only after meeting her husband Haarsh Limbachiyaa, she realised what it feels like to experience a man’s love.

The comedienne married her longtime beau Haarsh Limbachiyaa on December 3, 2017, in Goa. Several telly celebrities attended the starry wedding and reception of the cute couple.

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