Vivek Oberoi starts fundraiser to help cancer-stricken kids, pledges to provide food to over 3000 underprivileged children


Mumbai: Actor Vivek Oberoi has taken it upon himself to extend help to underprivileged children. The actor has joined hands with the Cancer Patient’s Aid Association (CPAA) and its food bank aimed at providing food to over 3000 cancer patients and their families for the next 3 months. 

The actor took to social media, urging people from all walks of life to come forward and contribute as much as possible to his fundraiser. 

Vivek Oberoi sponsored free heart surgeries for underprivileged kids and has managed to save over 2.5 lakh children from the deadly Cancer. He was instrumental in saving 2200 little girls from child prostitution, of whom over 50 are studying abroad today on scholarships. 

As part of his humanitarian work, the actor donated an amount from his first movie Company towards the heart surgery of an underprivileged young girl.

In the video, Vivek Oberoi can b seen urging people to donate to Cancer-stricken kids, he shared how parents of these kids have been starving for over 3 days just so they can provide maximum nutrition and immunity possible for their kid fighting cancer. As the human body’s immunity is low after the Chemotherapy sessions, a child needs proper nutrition to recover. 

Vivek concludes by sharing a very important message. “These people are already fighting cancer, let’s ensure that they don’t have to fight hunger. Let’s all come together and help each other out in these trying times.”


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