Vishal Dadlani slams netizens for ‘putting down’ Bachpan Ka Pyaar fame boy Sahdev Dirdo! – Watch


New Delhi: Singer Vishal Dadlani, known for being vocal on social media, recently shared a video where he expressed his anger towards people comparing the Bachpan Ka Pyaar singer Sahdev Dirdo to other child singers.

The little 10-year-old boy took the country by storm when his video singing the song Bachpan Ka Pyaar went viral on the internet. While many praised the boy for his singing abilities, according to Dadlani, there were a few who criticised Sahdev for not being as good as other child singers. 

In his video, he spoke about how it’s not necessary to compare kids. He also said that we don’t need to put someone down to pull the other up. He said, “Over the last few days I have seen a lot video that ‘this kid should have been more famous, how well he sings. Why is that Bachpan Ka Pyar boy getting so much fame?’ What I want to say is that both of them are kids. Is it necessary to compare them? One might sing very well, other less so. But one’s song got really popular. Does that mean we have to put one guy down to pull the other one up?”

“It’s a f**ked up mentality. It really is. Can’t they both be good? In their own ways. One entertained us a lot, other is very talented. Can’t it be so? The f**k kind of world are you people living in? It’s just a kid. Usko neecha dikhake aap log kya karre ho? What are you achieving? Don’t do that man. It’s not nice,” he further said.

Check out Vishal Dadlani’s video:


Earlier, Sahdev Dirdo had featured in the official video of Bachpan Ka Pyaar with rapper Badshah and Aastha Gill. The song, released on August 11, was written by the rapper Badshah and composed by Hiten. 

‘Bachpan Ka Pyar’ song was one of the most trending videos in India, a few weeks ago. It had become a rage and the little boy who sang it has been propelled to overnight stardom.

The video of the song ‘Bachpan ka Pyar’ was shared widely on social media where Sahadev was seen singing his heart out as his parents are heard prompting him with the lyrics. The song had captured the imagination of the meme-crazy nation who were churning remixes on the original ‘Bachpan ka Pyar’ video and posting their own lip-sync versions

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