Vir Das introduces Shah Rukh Khan as ‘the biggest star in the world’ to Whitney Cummings, video goes viral!


Mumbai: In a video going viral on social media, comedian Vir Das introduced American actor Whitney Cummings to the fandom of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Das recently appeared on Cummings’ Good For You podcast and their interaction led them to Khan and his popularity in India as well as across the world.

As Cummings googled Khan and pulled up his photo from the internet, Das said, “That’s the biggest star in the world, pretty much. Like in terms of everything. In terms of fan-base, in terms of reach, in terms of everything.”

“Like every Sunday, he will have 10,000 people waiting outside his house,” the comedian added.

Das then explained why Khan, who is often referred as King Khan, is popular among the masses, especially the women.

“He is like the romantic leading guy. Nobody romances a woman like Shah Rukh romances a woman. It’s something you’ll find people saying,” the comedian told Cummings.

When Cummings asked whether Khan’s charismatic personality is also a reason for popularity, Das said, “It is his charisma. Also, his story is really good. He has a ‘self-made, showed up in Mumbai with nothing but a suitcase and became king of the world’ story. I think people relate to that.”

The comedian then narrated a tale from his own interactions with the superstar when he wrote jokes for the actor for an award show.

“Our version of the Oscars, I used to write jokes for that and he used to host it. Like you’d be up in his house and just like pitching jokes to the guy.

“And then he’d never listen to you. He’d go on and do his version of the joke and it would always be better. Nobody’s ever done that… So, in the backstage, you’re just like that was good. You know he’s that good. He’s that smart,” Das recalled in the podcast, which was released on November 18, though the snippet related to SRK went viral today.

Khan has been away from movies for the past three years after the dismal performance of his 2018 movie “Zero”. But he will soon star in filmmaker Siddharth Anand’s “Pathan”, co-starring Deepika Padukone and John Abraham.

He is also collaborating with filmmakers Atlee and Rajkumar Hirani for their upcoming films. 


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