#UninstallHotstar: Netizens slam streaming platform’s new show The Empire for glorifying Mughals


New Delhi: The streaming giant Disney+ Hotstar is in big trouble among netizens after the release of its brand new series ‘The Empire’. Many viewers have protested against the glorification of Mughals in the show and called for other ‘nationalists’ to boycott the show and uninstall the Hotstar app. The hashtag #UninstallHotstar is currently ranking as one of the top 10 trends in India on Twitter.

For the unversed, the series is based on the Mughal Empire beginning from Babur. 

Netizens believe that the show is glorifying Babur, a ruler they believe to be a barbarian scourge. Many are of the opinion that he founded the Mughal Empire that ‘plundered, harassed, & massacred thousands of inhabitants of the lands they conquered in India.

Check out tweets by netizens on The Empire:

The show is created by Nikkhil Advani and directed by Mitakshara Kumar. It is based on the novel written by Alex Rutherford titled Empire of the Moghul.

The show stars Kunal Kapoor as Babur, Dino Morea as Muhammad Shaybani, Shabana Azmi as Aisan Daulat Begum. 

After the series was released on August 27, a grievance complaint was filed against it. However, the claims in the complaint were rejected by the grievance officer.

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