TV couple Sambhavna Seth, Avinash Dwivedi apologise to Adivasi community for poking fun at house help – Watch


New Delhi: TV actors Sambhavna Seth and her husband Avinash Dwivedi had recently found themselves in the middle of a controversy after the duo had shared a YouTube video that featured them mocking their househelp. After receiving backlash on it, the couple issued a public apology for the same on Sambhavna’s Instagram handle where they mentioned that they never meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments and were only being ‘humourous’. The duo acknowledged that they were laughing at their house help’s language which originates from Jharkhand, however, reiterated that they never had malicious intent. 

Sambhavna wrote in her caption, “Apologising to the whole Adivasi community with @imavinashdwivedi We are also hurt because you are hurt. #adivasi #community #acceptourapologies.”

Check out their apology video:

The original video, posted on Sambhavna Seth’s official YouTube channel, has been deleted now. However, Adivasi activists on Instagram have shared snippets of the video on the photo and video sharing app. An account named ‘The Adivasi Post’ had taken to Instagram to reshare the video and wrote a lengthy caption detailing all the issues in the couple’s video. The page called the video ‘racist, abusive and humiliating to the Adivasi community’ and demanded a public apology from the actors.

In the video, the duo is seen uncontrollably laughing at a phrase spoken by their househelp in her native language. What irked netizens was that even though the woman tried to explain to them what the phrase meant, they continued making fun of how it sounded.

Here’s a snippet from the controversial YouTube video:


Former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant and Bhojpuri sensation Sambhavna Seth is quite popular on social media for her YouTube channel  – Sambhavna Seth Entertainment. The audiences love her vlogs and chemistry with actor husband Avinash Dwivedi. The camaraderie between the two is adorable and the best part about Sambhavna’s vlogs is that it is as real as it can get.

Earlier, in a tragic turn of events, the actress had lost her father SK Seth on May 8, 2021, due to COVID 19 complications. After her father’s demise, the actress had alleged that he succumbed to COVID due to ‘negligence’ on part of the medical staff and had shared a video on her YouTube channel about the same.

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