TV and film actress Shagufta Ali suffering financial crunch gets aid from Rohit Shetty, Madhuri Dixit’s Dance Deewane 3 team!


New Delhi: Renowned television and film actress Shagufta Ali had recently opened up on suffering financial crunch and battling ill health. She also talked about how due to no work available it is difficult for to manage her own medical expenses and that of her mother. 

Soon after this news broke, Indian Film & Television Director’s Association’s (IFTDA) president Ashoke Pandit confirmed that filmmaker Rohit Shetty has come to her aid and donated a ‘generous amount’. Pandit told, “When I found out about Shagufta Ali’s financial troubles, I reached out to her to know how we can help her. After understanding her plight, I spoke to Rohit Shetty who immediately agreed to help Shagufta ji. He has donated a generous amount, and we are really thankful to him for that. I am reaching out to more people from the industry, and I have got a good response so far.”

Shagufta Ali also responded and told Pinkvilla, “It was done immediately, and I am very very obliged. I am so grateful and so thankful to him. God bless him for whatever he has done for me. He has never met me, we have never ever come face to face, I have never spoken to him on the phone, and he went all out and did something like this. I am absolutely grateful. The doctor is busy so I’ll be taking his appointment next week, and my treatment will begin again.”

Meanwhile, on Madhuri Dixit’s Dance Deewane 3 reality show, Shagufta Ali will be seen making an appearance as a guest along with Rohit Shetty, Anil Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar and Mrunal Thakur. In the latest promo of the episode, the veteran actress can be seen talking about her financial and personal struggles. 

On hearing Shagufta Ali’s ordeal, one of the judges Madhuri Dixit walks up to her and comforts her. She also hands over a cheque of Rs 5 lakh from the Dance Deewane 3 team. 


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