TV actress Mahika Sharma makes SHOCKING revelation, says was ‘believed to be a sex-worker’ over her friendship with adult star Danny D!


New Delhi: Actress Mahika Sharma, who has previously worked in popular shows like Ramayana and Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai opened up on facing trouble for her friendship with adult star Danny D. On the occasion of International Sex Workers’ Day (June 2), Mahika revealed about facing challenges, after her friendship with Danny D got viral. 

“It was quite a challenging phase in my life. When people assumed me to be a sex worker just because I’m a friend to Danny D. They started assaulting and discriminate against me without having a fact check. For a society, it is very easy to dishonour a girl. With a lot of happening in my life, I tried to stay strong and collect all the pain and emotions to compare how miserable life a sex worker must be surviving. Then, I took a stand to create some awareness and welfare for them,” Mahika Sharma said.

The actress known for featuring in television shows like Ramayana and Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai, says it’s a must to help them to quit the profession and educate them.

“As the day honours and recognises the exploited working conditions of sex workers. Sometimes people don’t behave properly with sex workers and they face violence too. Therefore, it is important to create awareness on respecting them. I wish to bring prostitution to end. All of us need to help bringing them out of this profession. And now when porn is ban in our country. Still there are a number of adult films are been released here with local artists on different digital network, which is sad. We need to do something about it,” she added.


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