TV actor Ssumier Pasricha disses Anupam Kher for worrying about losing followers amid pandemic, says ‘I thought great people think wise’


New Delhi: TV actor Ssumier Pasricha has left a fiesty reply to veteran actor Anupam Kher’s tweet about losing 80,000 followers on Twitter and reposted the conversation on his Instagram handle as well. 

After Anupam Kher complained about mysteriously losing a large amount of followers on social media, Ssumier Pasricha came out dissing him and critcising him for being so concerned with social media followers. He further said that there are better things to worry about such as the pandemic.

He wrote, “Dear god I lost lot of my friends and family members in this pandemic .. I see 10 less people who loved me .. is there a glitch in your software or something else .. it’s is an observation . Not a complaint …. Better things to worry about … than Twitter followers”.

Check out his tweet:


He has also posted the thread on his Instagram with the caption, “Are we serious ? That we still worry about our followers … are we so obsessed with this social media ? This pandemic has taught us nothing …I thought great people think wise.”


On Thursday, Bollywood veteran Anupam Kher had alleged that his follower count on Twitter has reduced by 80,000 followers in the last 36 hours and said he was curious to know how this occured.

On the work front, Kher will be narrating the upcoming documentary film “Bhuj: The Day India Shook”, the trailer of which was released earlier this week.

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