This is why Rhea Chakraborty was not on the first poster of Chehre


Anand Pandit, the producer of films such as Sarkar 3, Total Dhamaal and The Big Bull, has returned with Chehre that’s scheduled for a theatrical release on August 27.

He gives two reasons of going for a theatrical release despite the pandemic. “There were two reasons—Firstly, we have made Chehre in such a way that you would enjoy it more on the bigger screen. The way the performances and star cast are there, we decided to go for theatres. Secondly, we are all because of the theatres and today when theatres need our support, we should be there. Maybe more producers will release their films in theatres after us. Almost 10 lakh people are connected with the exhibition industry. So, we are not going to think in terms of profits this time. It’s to support the institution.”

Pandit says the exhibition industry needs immediate help. “You can’t wait for the patient to die before giving them medicines. People related to the exhibition business have been facing difficult times and we need to take steps to help them now. Also, people have started going to restaurants, pubs, hill stations etc, so normalcy has started setting in. I must salute Akshay Kumar and Vashu Bhagnani for coming out on 19th.”

He continues, “These are unprecedented times. As a producer, I am not looking at box office numbers. For this film, I am hoping that people start coming to theatres and begin enjoying life. In India, we have a limited concept of entertainment. We don’t go out for fishing or hiking or snorkeling or kayaking. We only have films and cricket. So, we decided to release in theatres.”

Chehre has Amitabh Bachchan, Emraan Hashmi and Rhea Chakraborty in the lead roles.

“Rhea Chakraborty was signed much before the controversy in her personal life happened. She shot for the film as per our agreement and she has done a fantastic job. Then a lot of things happened in her personal life.”

He adds, “It’s so unfortunate that a social media trial happened for her, but my film and her personal life are two separate things. At no point, we thought of replacing or cut her role short in the film. We have always supported her and had full conviction in her.”

Pandit also explains why Chakraborty was not on the first poster of Chehre. “She has gone through so much turmoil that I didn’t want to add more trouble to her life by putting her on the poster. Also, I never wanted to take undue advantage of the controversy. So, we decided that we won’t bring her unless she is comfortable. Once she became comfortable, we brought her into the trailer.”

He further says, “Even now, when my agreement clearly says that she will have to promote the film, we ask her if she is comfortable in doing anything or not.”

Chehre is mystery-thriller directed by Rumy Jafry.

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