‘There’s no truth to it’: Sonu Sood did NOT buy his son an expensive car for Father’s Day!


New Delhi: Bollywood actor and philathropist Sonu Sood recently made headlines on Father’s Day after reports of him buying a Rs 3 cr car for his son emerged. However, in a recent interview with an entertainment portal, he refuted the claims and said he only brought the car home for a test drive!

He told SpotboyE, “There is no truth to this . I haven’t bought a car for my son. The car was brought to our home for a trial. We went on a test run. But that’s it. We didn’t buy the car,’ he said. Sonu wondered where the Father’s Day angle came from. He added, “Why would I give my son a car on Father’s Day? Shouldn’t he be giving me something? After all, it’s my day!’

The actor further added that the best Father’s Day gift would be to spend time with his sons as he hardly gets to do so. He added,  “Spending the day together is a luxury that I  think I’ve earned myself.”

For the unversed, a day before Father’s Day on June 20, a video has gone viral on the internet, claiming that Sonu Sood has allegedly gifted a Rs 3 crore swanky car to his son ahead of Father’s Day. It was being reported that the actor had gifted his son Ishant Sood a newly launched Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 in black colour. 

In the viral video, the actor could be seen taking his children out for a drive while it’s raining outside. Sonu was seen sitting at the driving seat and his children were seen enjoying the drive.

The ‘Simmba’ actor has been helping people tirelessly since a nationwide lockdown was first announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year. Sonu’s constant work to help people fight COVID-19 pandemic has raised a huge social media cry for him to run for the office of Prime Minister. However, Sonu doesn’t seem inclined to enter politics.

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