The rise of Kindda talents: Trending snack video app


Kindda is a platform that continues to gain momentum in India. Millions of Indians join it daily and the app’s audience continues to grow. With the growth of the Indian audience there appear new content genres, opportunities, and unexpected celebrity users who joined the team of young video content creators with their exclusive videos.

Today, Kindda is the place for talented youth – celebrities and influencers or rising Kindda stars, who are happy to share their short videos, demonstrating their #kinddatalent and skills. Each of them produces unique video content, showing their talents to the world. If you still have doubts about the trendy app, then check out the influencers’ accounts, who are already on Kindda!

Chotu Dada

Recently the famous comedian and YouTuber Chotu Dada joined the app with his brand new videos. Khandeshi movies, where the actor has a leading role, published a hilarious video with his hidden talent.

In a “Choutu killer” video he shown his bubblegum balloon-blowing talent and also called to action his fans to demonstrate their talents under the hashtag of #chotutalent, promising to show the best videos on his profile!

Abhishek Nigam

When a hottie like Abhishek Nigam is involved, it’s a cool place to party, for sure! The famous actor also has a Kindda account with his #kinddatalent videos, where he demonstrates his talents under the hashtag #abhishektalent.

Hasley India

Two people can be united by technology. This message was delivered in a new Hasley India video “Sharing Flat with Neighbour ”, where the funny, yet life-taken situation is demonstrated. Two young people got together when they started to use Kindda app for shooting their #kinddatalent videos. The plot twist at the end is just hilarious!

Aditi Sharma

This Instagram cutie and a promising actress is also on Kindda. The first time Aditi spoke about Kindda on her Instagram profile and demonstrated her unusual talent to the millions of her fans. She told about the #kinddatalent movement and called her fans to join the app and shoot their short talent videos.

Siddharth Nigam

Abhishek Nigam’s handsome sibling is a talent for sure. Recently he showed his fans how he spends his leisure time. Particularly this hottie demonstrated his acrobatic trick, calling it his “Kindda talent” and challenged his followers to show their talents too. Just like Abhishek, he also has a Kindda account and launched a challenge under the hashtag #siddharthtalent.

About Kindda app

Well, this Kindda buzz seems to gain momentum, involving more and more talented youth in India. The new trending idea of the Kindda is to discover talents and show them to the world through short videos. This way Kindda wants to empower people to share their talents and support a like-minded community.

Super cool features, growing Kindda talent community, and user-friendliness makes the app a fantastic platform to share your talents and go viral. Experience points, different quests’ participation help you to level up and boost user credibility as a talented content maker and gain more popularity.

As Kindda’s creators state, the app has a unique logic that allows users to level up and earn money, while shooting and posting on the platform. Actually, it’s the best part of the app. All activities on Kindda are rewarded by the platform’s inner currency, which, by the way, can be converted into real money with later updates! Experience points, system’s various quests participation boost users’ profiles making them popular content creators – a Kindda star. Seems like Kindda’s working on your fame, achievements, and is giving you rewards.

Show your talent on Kindda and use #kinddatalent, download it now:


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