The legend of Hanuman Season 2: Why this spectacular visual delight should be on your binge list!


New Delhi: The much-awaited mythological animation series – The Legend of Hanuman Season 2 is now streaming exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar. After enticing the viewers with the spectacular visual delight in ‘The Legend of Hanuman’, the makers are back with another exciting chapter in the life of the beloved Mahabali Hanuman.

Actor Sharad Kelkar returns as the narrator – a mighty warrior on the path of good, comes up against the biggest evil – Ravana, after discovering his powers in the previous season. All alone except with faith and strength from Lord Rama, witness the humble vaanara be finally awoken to embrace His true power and wisdom, making Him an immortal legend. 

Here are the reasons why The Legend of Hanuman on Disney+ Hotstar is a must watch and should be on your binge watch list!

1. Return of Mahabali Hanuman 

The first season of The Legend of Hanuman garnered an overwhelming response, setting a benchmark in the Indian animation space with its spellbinding visuals. After receiving much acclamation for its advanced animation style and powerful narration, the title is back with its sequel to serve the audience a transcendental visual treat.

2. Narration by Sharad Kelkar

Actor Sharad Kelkar returns as narrator to take you all on the amazing and adrenaline-filled journey of Lord Hanuman with his engaging delivery and flawless storytelling prowess. The narrator takes us further into Hanuman’s adventure as his journey to the land of perils unfold.

3. Family binge-watch

The journey of Lord Hanuman keeps both the children and adults hooked alike. The fluidity and easy-to-understand nature of the dialogues make it comprehensible and interesting for all age groups. The animated marvel with its breathtaking execution of the frame teleports the audience into the thrilling world of Lord Hanuman. 

4. Lord Hanuman’s solitary fight against the biggest evil

In this season of The Legend of Hanuman, our Mahabali warrior Lord Hanuman has to venture through his journey all by himself unlike last time he won’t have Angad to support him, the wisdom of Jambavan to guide him, and even the antics of Nal and Neel to lift his spirits when times are dark. Lord Hanuman must face his greatest threat alone as he begins his journey across the sea to the golden city of Lanka. Will his new divine powers be enough when tested against the fury and might of the demon king, Ravana? In the darkness, with Lord Rama being his guiding light, he will fight the greatest evil.

5. Redefining Indian Animation

The legend of Hanuman sets the bar for Indian animation at a height that no one has ever reached before. Indian animation is put forward in an avatar that will leave a mark on the minds of its audience for very long. The legend of Hanuman proves to be a trendsetter for every title to ever be launched in the format of animation.


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