Sunny trailer: Jayasurya’s one-man film portrays maddening loneliness suffered during COVID pandemic


Mumbai: Malayalam film Sunny trailer dropped on Monday (September 20) and marks superstar Jayasurya’s 100th film. The trailer of the ‘one-man’ movie takes us through the life of Sunny (played by Jayasurya) who is dejected and hopeless after the COVID-19 pandemic hits the world and forces Sunny to leave Dubai – where he was working to return to his hometown in Kerala.

In the captivating trailer, we can see Sunny quarantined in a hotel room away from human contact. Jayasurya beautifully portrays this character undergoing a myriad of emotions and unfathomable pain which is caused by having lost his family, his money and his best friend.

Sunny tries hard to fill an emotional void, an unexpected gleam of hope emerges through encounters with some strangers, and what unfolds next is a culmination of a beautiful narrative.

The gripping thriller will premiere on Amazon Prime Videos on September 23 and will be available across 240 countries and territories for streaming. Sunny is produced by Dreams N Beyond production house and is written and directed by Ranjith Sankar.

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