Splitsvilla X contestant Anmol Chaudhary reveals she is a ‘happy, unmarried single mother’


New Delhi: Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha hosted reality show Splitsvilla X contestant Anmol Chaudhary has opened up about giving birth to a baby outside wedlock, despite lack of support from her child’s father.

Anmol earlier did not plan to go ahead with her pregnancy. “That was in December 2019, when I missed my periods and realised that I was pregnant. I immediately decided that I wouldn’t keep the baby because it was not possible for me to manage a child that time. And that is what I told my boyfriend too,” she told Etimes.

However, the former reality show contestant had a change of heart after getting an ultrasound done.

“Then the doctor did an ultrasound but when I saw the heartbeat during that I started crying”.

Sharing that her ex-boyfriend was against the decision of going ahead with the pregnancy, Anmol shared, “My former lover was against it, but I was firm that I would go ahead with the pregnancy. My friends thought after a week or so, I would change my mind, but I didn’t.”

The single mother decided to keep her pregnancy a secret due to all the complications. She had hidden it even from her parents. 

“My sister was there with me during the delivery. My due date came but I wasn’t experiencing any pain and finally I had to go in for a C-section on 7TH September 2020. Holding my son was the emotion I had never experienced in my entire life,” revealed Anmol. 

The 29 years old said she and her ex-boyfriend tried to come to an understanding for the sake of the baby but it didn’t work. “I understood that I was on my own and had to do things myself. Even though he said he wanted to help, I felt those were just words because he was scared that I might reveal his identity”.

For Anmol, her son is her love of life and she calls herself  “a proud, happy, unmarried single mother”.

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