Sameera Reddy flaunts her ‘imperfectly perfect’ body, talks about mental and physical positivity!


New Delhi: Bollywood actress Sameera Reddy, who has always been vocal about issues such as overweight or post-partum depression, took to social media once again and talked about accepting herself in a positive manner.

In a recent post, Sameera opened up on body positivity. She said that one shouldn’t get bothered with what others think about them be it physically or mentally and should always love oneself in the best possible way.

Taking to her Instagram, the actress shared a collage of her photos and wrote, “Which part of your body makes you most uncomfortable? Is it stretch marks ? Loose skin ? Belly? Acne ? Thinning hair? White hair? Cellulite? For me it’s my back flab and arms. I work on acceptance everyday. And it taken me so long to embrace it . Your body is listening and every time you have a negative thought of how much you hate it , it’s only magnifying how bad you feel . The best exercise for #bodypositivity is to look at the parts that you feel insecure with and be kind to yourself . Everyday like a mantra . #imperfectlyperfect #bodypositivemovement.”


In the pictures, Sameera highlighted different parts of her body and also emphasised the problems she faced because of them. In the pictures, she highlighted her back, face, stomach, and stretch marks in order to motivate people and to make them feel more comfortable in accepting their realities.  

Sameera got married to entrepreneur Akshai Varde in January 2014 and quit acting forever. The proud parents welcomed their first child Hans Varde in the year 2015.

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