Sahil Khan breaks silence on ex-Mr India Manoj Patil attempt-to-suicide case


NEW DELHI: Bollywood actor Sahil Khan on Wednesday (September 16) issued a statement after bodybuilder and former Mr India Manoj Patil attempted suicide accusing the YouTuber and fitness entrepreneur in his letter. Patil has filed a complaint against Sahil Khan at Mumbai’s Oshiwara police station, accusing him of harassment and cyber-bullying. 

When ETimes contacted Sahil Khan on the incident and questioned him over allegations by Manoj Patil, Sahil said, “I had met a boy named Raj Faujdar on a social networking site. He’s from Delhi and had made a video that Manoj Patil took Rs 2 lakhs from him and sold him expired steroids after which had developed some heart problems and skin issues as well. Faujdar has all the necessary bills and receipts of financial transactions. He wanted social media support, so I posted his video on my social media platforms asking people to support Faujdar. I also said that the steroids racket should stop. Faujdar had said Manoj Patil was not returning his money and he had even sold his motorcycle to arrange for funds.”

According to Sahil Khan, Faujdar had submitted all relevant papers to the police as well. He, however, questioned that he is surprised that Patil did not mention Faujdar’s name.  

He added, “I have only helped that boy on social media and Patil is directly taking my name and there is no mention of the Faujdar case. All I have done is support the boy and stood against selling steroids, since it’s a crime in our country. What if the guy had died after consuming expired steroids? This could be a publicity stunt with a communal angle. I have had no direct association with Manoj, I have not had any transaction with him either.”

Former Mr India contest winner, Manoj Patil attempted suicide at his Mumbai residence on Wednesday. Currently, he is undergoing treatment at the Cooper Hospital, Mumbai. He attempted suicide on Wednesday by consuming sleeping pills. Patil’s mother has reached the police station to file a complaint against Khan and get her statement recorded by police.

Patil, 29, a ‘self-made’ athlete and a model, had a few days back submitted a letter to the Oshiwara police, demanding action against a Bollywood actor for allegedly defaming him on social media and creating problems in his professional life, his manager Pari Naaz told PTI.

Born in 1992, Manoj Patil won the Mr India Men’s Physique Overall Championship in 2016. 

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