Rosamund Pike: I was stripped to my complete essential self in India


It was in 2010 when Oscar nominated Rosamund Pike dropped all the modern life crutches to experience the culture of India for the first time in an Ayurvedic hospital in Kerala. And that experience continues to stay with her till date.

“I was writing a travel article. Actually, it was one of the most interesting experiences of my life. I went with my partner, actually very early on in our relationship, which was probably (which led to) people saying, ‘you did what’,” shares Pike without naming her boyfriend with whom she took this detoxifying .

However, she does admit that it had a positive impact on the relationship. “We went to the hospital together in the second week of our relationship. It was an amazing beginning,” she adds.

Looking back at her time in the country, the 42-year-old reveals, “We had all our possessions taken away from us on arrival. We were just given this pair of white pyjamas. So, we were really stripped to our complete essential selves, with no phones, none of the crutches of modern life, no caffeine, no cigarettes, in his case, and no alcohol.”

For the former Bond girl, it was really an interesting experience. “The Ayurvedic philosophy is very good in supporting all kinds of things, from health to creativity to (helping with) writer’s block. I was really drawn to that,” shares the actor, who was last seen in web series The Wheel of Time.

“I have met a lot of Indian people with whom I had fascinating and interesting conversations. I feel there’s a lot of deep thinking in India. I have witnessed it. However, I feel I still think I know too little about India, but I would love to go back,” she asserts.

Pike emerged onto the scene in 2002 as a Bond girl with Die Another Day. She followed it up with films such as Pride & Prejudice, Gone Girl and Radioactive, cementing her position with meaningful roles. She once again picked a strong character of Moiraine in the fantasy world of The Wheel of Time, based on Robert Jordan’s fantasy novels.

Opening up about it, “With a lot of fantasy that we have seen, they consist of predominantly male worlds with the odd, unusual female character who rises to the fall with tremendous might and power. But in this world, women have the ability to channel different strengths in different areas”.

That’s what makes the story relevant today. When it comes to having that sort of gender balance in the industry, the actor mentions, “There are still ways to go about it”.

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