Ram Madhvani shares his experience of directing ‘Aarya’


New Delhi: Filmmaker Ram Madhvani’s ‘Aarya 2’ is all set for release.

Sharing the special elements of the show, Ram said, “The signature element between Aarya 1 and Aarya 2 is really, on one hand, the moral choices and the moral conflict that Aarya faces. In Season 1, it was whether she should protect her own children. She sends her father to jail and she chose to be a mother over a daughter and even over a wife. That was her prime conflict.”


“In Season 2, there is again a moral conflict. In the trailer, you see she’s back now. Whether she goes away, what happens to her, what leads her to make some choices is the moral conflict and that creates the drama and the tension. That’s on the content front,” he added.


Ram also talked about the shooting process.

“We now shoot everything in 360. We don’t like to use three to four cameras. We are now comfortable with all the actors. I think the great thing is that all the actors knew their characters. That was a bonus I would say,” he shared.


Sushmita Sen-starrer ‘Aarya 2’ is all set to release on Disney+ Hotstar on December 10.


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