Opa! Bar and Cafe opens its doors with a luxurious elaborate food menu


There are only a few cafes with menus so elaborate, you’ll need to budget some extra time just to go through them.

Opa! beats the monotony out of a regular dinner – be it with friends or family. Why waste time having the same food over and over again when you can surprise your palette with every visit!

August, a month of celebrations, marks our 75th year of independence as a nation. Opa! strumming the right cords has come up with a recipe that is unique to this very day. The tricolor macaroons are a serene beauty to devour. These melt-in-your-mouth babies are beautiful probably the most delicious tribute one can pay to our nation.

It doesn’t only stop at homely festivities for Opa! As its menu makes space for celebrations like Halloween. Special preparations like the wicked spider, and the crispy donuts – a namesake – give you that perfect freaky Friday feeling.

Come Christmas, Head Chef Siddharth Raut at Opa! pulls out the spade of cards with an elaborate brunch menu, specially curated, for the day. And what is a Christmas brunch without some Turkey? You can find the perfect turkey dish with the Turkey Roulade.

Opa! understands the importance of food transcending through different cultures, it also puts together an Iftaari platter for the pious month of Ramadan.

In honour of the most colorful celebration of spirit in India – on Holi – Opa! prepares a special cheesecake inspired by your favourite thandai! Who knew we could captivate fun in a dessert?

Alongside these special preparations, the Opa! the menu offers a delight for you every day. The elaborate menu is divided into several glorious sections starting with the salad section.

The Opa couscous salad is a special Mediterranean preparation with a refreshing lemon herb dressing topped with melting feta cheese. The classic Quinoa salad is crispy and delicious.

Nothing beats the candy shawarma from the wraps section, and if you’re into paneer you have to try the Paneer Gyro roll – a Greek recipe with an Indian twist.

The Opa! menu takes good care of both the vegetarian, as well as non-vegetarian options. Some of our signature vegetarian dishes include – the truffle hummus, the cold mezze platter, the veg pita slider, zaatar manakish, and of course the classic gooey cheese garlic bread.

Under the non-vegetarian section, the menu has two varieties of melt-in-your-mouth kebabs – the joojeh kebabs (a Persian preparation of chicken meat), and the Adana kebab (a ground meat preparation with either lamb or chicken). The Chicken Kabsa Rice is also a must-have alternative to the classic biryani if you’re in the mood for something new.

Lastly, when talking about seafood, two dishes stand out over the others – the Grilled Atlantic Salmon, and the Butter Garlic Prawns are items you shouldn’t miss.

Alongside a rich, creamy, smooth chocolate ganache – the dessert menu is completed with beautifully delicious tiramisu and the classic Baklava. This layered pastry dish dissolved in your mouth right away and gives you a divine taste.

(Disclaimer: This is brand-desk content).

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