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New Delhi: NaijaVibe is a pop culture entertainment site that the editor of the site, Stephen Nzurum, officially launched on 12 September 2012. Its platform aims to offer its customers the best updates on the market, both in and beyond Nigeria, when it comes to the entertainment business. The latest information about shows, concerts, beauty and fashion, celebrity news, films, music, and many others can be learned with help from Naija Vibe. This is an excellent platform for millenniums who want to stay up to date about what is happening in the industry, what changes are happening, and what they ought to know about. In addition, NaijaVibe provides its subscribers with social media marketing and Web promotion. NaijaVibe has the resources to support your business or even to promote itself online. It has an extensive web presence which can help advertisers quickly and effectively reach their customers. Many website visitors are fans of pop culture and want to touch people throughout the country. It is an excellent manifestation for those millennials who want to stay up to date about what’s happening, what’s changing, and what you ought to know about. It is also one of the top destinations for all music and news media/online lifestyles.

Who is the CEO of NaijaVibe?

Stephan Nzurum is the founder of NaijaVibe and CEO of, an IT, music, marketing, and promotional internet start-up based in Lagos, Nigeria. In the town of Lagos, he was born. He graduated from the Awka University of Nnamdi Azikiwe. He is Head of Operations for SFI Africa, an e-commerce and marketing company responsible for JanSport’s Nigeria portfolio. Stephen Nzurum is NaijaVibe’s chairman and manages the entire platform in a spirit of authenticity and commitment. Stephen is also a writer of two books, ‘Start a Small Business Online’ and ‘Nigeria Music Streaming Market: Stream Music in Nigeria’. His work and efforts to succeed allow him to launch a “NaijaVibe” platform, Nigeria’s most-visited website. He says, “NaijaVibe is a platform which came into being for the users to know what’s going on.”

Events by NaijaVibe 

The Naija Vibe – coloured Riot Pool Party has gone away but remembers a beautiful event and promises the organizers a brighter future. It didn’t go without its own challenges, like any first edition of an event, but overall, it was a delightful event. Jk Cyno and Chemist Boy, MCs, ensure the event was vivid because the laughter was not entirely possible for the guest. When artists HarrySong, W4, Mani Lapussh, Tareeq, and SIX were invited to the event, things became more interesting. The crowd responded to the animation with cheering in which the artist entered the scene. There was a spectacular performance from Six. Harrysong took the stage as the culmination of the event. His popular solo songs’ Taye and Kehinde’ and ‘I’m in Love’ were played. The happy crowd sang as both guests dance in and out of the pool in Harrysong’s melodious atmosphere after Harrysong performed autographed with guests and their fans because everyone brought out their telephones only to have a piece of him. He left the show, and everybody said, “Harry killed it.” He went away with the hype. The concert concluded with the additional performances that another artist called for. Mani Lapussh sustained the excitement of his hits’ bridge your heart.’

The other event, Valentine with Herschel, is scheduled for Friday, 12 February, in the university’s Faculty of Art arena. There will be a range of products from Herschel, and a few fortunate students will be given free rates. Students get free popcorn and ice cream in addition to their food—an act showing the actual cause of the season. Recently, at the University of Lagos, Herschel held a similar event. Many bags were shared as students shared photographs of 50,000 Naira prize money that Victor Adedeji eventually won and received in his name. The contemporary aesthetic of the two-tier offer is clean lines and innovative water-resistant materials. The progressive Studio Collection, composed of polycoat fabrics and industries, comes with screen-printed screen accents and high-quality tanned luminaire. ‘Valentine with Herschel’ had a lot of fun moments since it was more than a fun show with students who won lots of free receptions from the various games. Students had plenty to share at the event with drinks and food.

In 1967 in Seattle, Washington, JanSport, a VF Outdoor division, was founded by three outdoor pioneers. Although the company began producing and marketing international outdoor packages, the product offering currently includes open-air equipment, day packages, travel equipment, and certified colleagues, sold on and specialist and boutique retail outlets worldwide. JanSport’s Valentine Party on 14 February was a fantastic view to look at Lagos State University. Even before the Disc Jockey turned on microphones and speakers, the event that started at 2pm was already swarmed by thousands of high-spirited students. More than 7000 persons who attended the event celebrated Valentine’s Day. After choosing to discover freedom with JanSport, you had a love experience so that you can’t forget it hurry.

NaijaVibe and Afrobeats:

As the oldest genre of Nigerian music, Afrobeat is popular with Nigerians and music enthusiasts worldwide. NaijaVibe aims to link music lovers to their favourite bands, artists, and singers by bringing this old music genre into the spotlight. Every day, it continues to update pop culture and Afrobeat’s. Users can therefore always enjoy fresh, unique, and new content. NaijaVibe is one of the popular news websites for entertainment that connects its users to the latest news regarding pop culture and entertainment. NaijaVibe is a Nigerian site that highlights the popular culture of Nigeria and Afrobeat. It re-creates the link between users and Afrobeat by covering international and Nigerian Afrobeat and pop culture. NaijaVibe brings Afrobeats in spotlights by sharing the latest events and news with several readers and users. As a result, people enjoy the latest news of Afrobeat and pop culture. In 2021, with COVID-19 amending global entertainment events, the growth of the Afro-Beating and Pop culture in Nigeria becomes a challenge. At this stage, NaijaVibe is making a great effort to help Afrobeats and pop culture gain momentum worldwide. Afrobeats, a Nigerian music genre, shakes the entertainment world since 2016, from Lagos to London and worldwide. It is one of the world’s most popular kinds of music. But every day after the lockdown, Afrobeats and pop culture face new challenges. NaijaVibe promotes Afrobeats and pop culture by bringing them back to light with the latest developments, including international and local events. The platform strives hard to allow users to enjoy unique and up-to-date content every day.


NaijaVibe is an excellent source for every Nigerian and anyone interested in Afrobeats, pop culture, movies, lifestyles, etc. NaijaVibe’s priority is to provide attractive, well-designed, and authentic content. Each guest on the website will therefore find something to explore. NaijaVibe is dedicated to fostering talented new artists and believes that young Nigerians who want to live in the music industry should have a platform. NaijaVibe is one of the most visited, trendy platforms for authentic, incredible, and engaging content. The team, the staff, allows users to stalk their favourite niche for entertainment and to know the latest updates without any trouble. Furthermore, it is genuine and authentic that NaijaVibe writes to visit people on its site. You always believe that you provide people with the news.


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