Mother’s Day Exclusive: Low key celebrations for TV stars Dalljiet Kaur, Hunar Hali, Sonam Arora and designer Rohit Verma amid pandemic


The deadly novel coronavirus pandemic’s second wave has hit India hard. With the surge in cases across the nation, stricter restrictions and curfews are in place to save people from mutant virus infection. Every year, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, and this time it’s falling on May 9.

To celebrate the essence of motherhood amid the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, it is important to ensure the safety of your mom and family. Television’s famous faces in an exclusive interaction with Zee News Digital reflected upon the grim condition and how celebrations this time too remain low key.

Hunar Hali:

My mum’s a household genius with brains always activated with planning, anticipating, organizing. And of course, her life got disrupted because of the coronavirus especially at the time when I got affected with the virus is when I saw my “One Mom” play “many roles”. She though from a distance helped me to get myself together & stand back on my feet. From leaving food dabba’s cooked by her outside my doorstep. To singing shabad at night on phone to put me to sleep when I used to get scared at night home alone due to corona. 

Honouring my mother on this day, I wish her Happy Mother’s Day. I wouldn’t have survived COVID without her support for sure.

Dalljiet Kaur: 

The pandemic has been really taxing, sitting at home has become a challenge as it is difficult to finance as well but I would say that as long as we are in good health, there is nothing to complain about. As a mother, it is quite relaxing in fact to sit at home because I can spend more time with my son, I can see him and be with him and ensure myself that he is doing well. But, also very difficult because online, the way they are learning everything virtually, it is quite hard on them. It is sad that they are missing out on school days and we as mothers cannot replace teachers but we can try doing our best. 

I myself had contracted the virus, I had to leave my house and I was at the hospital for about 5 days. It was quite scary to be there. Fortunately, I recovered well but it in my head I kept thinking about Jaden, my son. The fact that I had to stay away from him for so long, what if something happened to me, what if it took longer to get back home to him, would he be okay? All of these thoughts kept racing in my head. It was like a nightmare. And now we’re both taking very good care, staying indoors. I don’t let Jaden go out to play, although it breaks my heart because a child deserves to run, play, have fun at school and kids are missing all of that due to the pandemic.

Rohit Verma:

My mother is a walking miracle. She is beautiful, softened at the edges, and tempered with a spine of steel. The person who makes us realize God’s presence in every one of our lives is our mother. She is that sole being who has more trust in us than the trust we have in ourselves. Our coming to existence is the blessing of our mothers. No other being on Earth can love us as unconditionally as our mothers do. Our mothers try to shield us from all harm and help us in however way they can. And for our incredible mothers, we celebrate a day every year in their honour. On this day, we express our emotions of gratitude and love for them. So let’s join our hands together and bow in front of our mothers today for giving us a wonderful life.

Sonam Arora:

Last year, during the lockdown, I was home with my family. So here is what I observed, my sweet mom used to herself do all the household chores all day because house help (maid) wasn’t allowed to come in and used to prepare all our favourite dishes. Even my uncle, her brother, was stuck there due to the lockdown so she would even take care of his food. She would take care of my dietary requirements, my father enjoys spicy. So she would ensure she takes care of everyone’s needs.

Here’s wishing everyone a happy and Safe Mother’s Day!


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