Miss Universe runner up Adline Castelino wants to join Bollywood


New Delhi: Adline Castelino, the 22-year-old Indian model from India emerged as the third runner up at the 69th edition of Miss Universe 2020, held in the US. It has taken India 20 years since Lara Dutta won the title, to gain a position in the competition which saw 74 participants from across the globe.

One being asked the reason why she might not have won the title, the Kuwait-born model shares, “No reason to feel that way, every woman out there gave their best in the limited resources and challenges this year has placed.”

Read her full interview:

Q: How did it feel to be at the Miss Universe contest?

A: Inexplicable emotions and gratitude for the love and admiration people have showered unconditionally, even during these challenging times people have come forward to express their delight and acknowledge our achievement at Miss Universe.

Q: You had COVID-19. How did you manage your training?

A: Being in the last leg of the preparations, honestly very challenging mentally and physically not only for me but for the team to get everything arranged. I kept my mind positive which became incredibly hard to do due to isolation and medication. Focused on the task at hand, fighting fears and on taking one step at a time. It feels like a miracle but we made it! It was truly meant to be!

Q: How did you face the competition there?

A: I think being present and making smart and fast decisions is very important at a pageant while at the same time enjoying the journey positively. This can only happen if you have prepared well completely before the pageant.

Q: What did you learn from your fellow contestants?

A: Every woman there had a unique journey, their projects and work in their societies truly inspired me the entire year to do more and be more. Meeting them in person increased my admiration for them and I’m glad to call them my friends now.

Q: Why do you think the crown was not given to you?

A: No reason to feel that way, every woman out there gave their best in the limited resources and challenges this year has placed. I feel the winner is very deserving and I will be supporting her in her journey this year and hope women globally don’t look at each other as competitors but as team members helping each other to get ahead.

Q: Your message to the next Miss Diva winner?

A: She has my support and guidance. The message that I would want to pass on to her is something that our Miss Universe Lara Dutta told me “Give it your best, you can control what you do and not what happens”.

Q: Is Bollywood the next move?

A: Absolutely yes! Looking forward to meaningful projects that I could contribute to, also at the moment I’m trying to learn more about logistics to be able to start up my agro business.

Q: How did your parents react when the result was announced?

A: They are the best partners to ever have! They are excited, they have never doubted my ability to excel and continue to support me.


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