Minissha Lamba recalls when landlady accused her of stealing, says she vacated PG as ‘it was a question about izzat’


New Delhi: Bollywood actress Minissha Lamba recently opened up on a shocking event in her life when she was wrongly accused of stealing by her landlady in a radio interview.

She told radio host Siddharth Kannan that when she first arrived in Mumbai, she was living in a cheap PG. However, things went south when the landlady of the PG accused Minissha of stealing money from her cubboard.

The actress said, “When I came (to Mumbai), I couldn’t afford anything. I was staying in a PG, at a rent of ₹5,000 per month. At that time, the PG lady accused me of stealing. ‘You have stolen money from my cupboard,’ she claimed. I said, ‘I haven’t stolen money’ so I vacated the PG in two days because it was a question about izzat (honour). I didn’t have money, I couldn’t afford anything so I rented a flat for ₹7,000 per month which was like a big room. The whole flat was like a big room. It was so small, so small. But I couldn’t afford anything more.”

The actress left the PG as she couldn’t bear to live in that type of an environment anymore. 

“At that time, it was about ego and pride, you know they’d accused me of stealing, I wasn’t going stay in this house anymore and I left. Of course, the lady found the money in the cupboard after some time,” Minissha added.

Later, the actress revealed, the owner apologised to her.

Earlier, the actress had opened about her divorce with Ryan Tham last year.

Minissha Lamba married Ryan Tham on July 6, 2015. He is a restaurateur and owner of Juhu nightclub ‘Trilogy’. Ryan is actress Pooja Bedi’s cousin. The couple had announced the finalisation of their divorce proceedings in August last year.

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