Meet Manik Marria: A ace fitness influencer, celebrity nutritionist, social media star, and what not!


This new, young and budding health and fitness enthusiast is an expert fitness coach and dietician having transformed the lives of millions.

Health and fitness inadvertently have been one of the most neglected aspects of modern-day living and lifestyle. Seldom people have not paid much attention to it until and unless there are some drastic changes within our body and system to trigger urgent and immediate health care facilities and management. Being in the right zone of health and fitness can actually spark the joy of life, enabling many to live to the fullest, happy and content. Fitness further enhances the confidence in a person. The emergence and uprising of social media in recent times have seen and witnessed the presence of many health and fitness mentors and coaches. But some youngsters have worked amazingly well to inspire people to make health and fitness a priority and explain the importance of it in our lives.

Especially during the current testing times of the global pandemic, where health totally took a back seat confining us to our homes with minimum or no activity happening at all, people have suffered the most physically as well as mentally. During such times if we are being guided by a good mentor and coach who would guide us with proper knowledge and insights, bringing about a positive change in our lives becomes a real boost. We came across one such astute professional, Manik Marria whose tremendous rise in the social media sector as a fitness influencer, celebrity nutritionist, and clinical dietician has been the talk of the town.

This Delhi-based influencer born on 23rd March is merely 26 years of age with profounding awards and accolades under his belt already. Manik was ranked 9th In India Fitness Category Tiktok catapulting him to be one of the most desirable fitness coaches across the country. He is an established celebrity nutritionist and clinical dietician having helped over many well-known and public figures with respect to diet planning, nutrients supply and overall health and fitness. Manik completed his BSc in nutrition and food science and further pursued a Diploma degree in nutrition and dietetics. He is also a certified sports medicine, nutrition specialist and into diabetic/thyroid nutrition as well. During the pandemic, Manik also seeked his nutrition care certification for the covid 19 patients.

This 360-degree health and fitness expert has emerged and evolved with latest advents and cutting-edge technologies with respect to body transformation and weight loss programs which has propelled him to earn the tag of Fat loss expert and transformation specialist. He is also a PCOS management advisor and cosmetologist.

Manik’s social media presence has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years helping him garner more than 500k followers on TikTok and more than 32k followers on Instagram. Manik continues to hustle hard, inspiring and influencing people to bring positive blissful changes in their life and to stay healthy. Do get in touch with him on Instagram

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