Meet Abhijet Raajput: An ace director, astute professional shining bright in entertainment world


The showbiz arena has certainly been the launchpad behind many talented professionals like Abhijet Rajput, who boss their game, catapulting many accolades and recognition.

When we talk about the glamour world, the first name that comes to our mind is the film industry. It is an industry in which nine out of 10 people dream to work. What attracts the most is – fame, money, branded cloth lines, make-up, a lavish lifestyle and many more. But each coin has two sides to work in the film industry, and most importantly, establishing oneself in this huge ocean is the most tricky thing. Audiences always have a glimpse of the artist who is Infront of the camera. But there is huge teamwork performing backstage as well. Director and Producer are the backbones of any project. Today let’s have a glance at the astonishing performance of a director and Producer – Abhijet Raajput. Hailing from Pune. This young talent has amazed everyone with his directing skills and efficient implementation of his thoughts on-screen.

Abhijet has won the heart of millions of audiences with his latest released music video – “Kuch Toh Zaroor Hai”, featuring Bollywood actors Rishab Sinha and Kate Sharma on this project. The actors’ chemistry is amazingly executed on screen by the director, which connects and attracts the audience. Its shooting was done in the beautiful city Lucknow which adds beauty to the song. This video song has been the new talk of the town. The direction work was performed so proficiently that the film producer has approached the song director to make a film of the same story, as the song script is so powerful that it can convert into a film.

The artistic skills and talent of Abhijet have made him one of the most promising directors of the film industry. His work perfection has attracted massive, big personalities of Bollywood and has approached him for more projects. His direction work in Kuch Toh Zaroor Hai has created a buzz in the industry. Abhijet sets a true example of nothing is impossible; if you have passion, skills, art, determination, hard work and consistency in your work, no one can stop you from being successful. He is a self-made man in this huge industry without any godfather.

The audience and film industry are eagerly waiting to watch him in his upcoming projects, setting a benchmark.

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