Malaika Arora shows off these yoga asanas for getting a perfectly toned body, video goes viral – Watch


New Delhi: A perfectly toned Malaika Arora, who is an avid social media user, took to Instagram and shared a video on three easy yoga asanas. The stunner is a fitness freak and runs her own Yoga studio named The Diva Yoga. 

Malaika Arora shared three Yoga asanas for achieving a toned body. She wrote in the caption: Namaste Everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! This week we have, not 1, not 2, but 3 #MalaikasMoveOfTheWeek that are one of my personal favourite go-to poses! These poses holistically works on your overall body and helps in toning the body with consistent practice 

You can do any of the 3 poses and share your pictures with me, @sarvayogastudios and @thedivayoga

1) Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)
Helps to bring balance to your mind and body. It makes your legs stronger and is a great hip opener.

2) Naukasana (Boat Pose)
This pose is excellent to burn stubborn fat around the belly and is a great practice to strengthen hip flexors and back muscles.

3) Utkatasana (Chair Pose)
Strengthens calves, back, and hip flexors. It also helps with stimulating the heart and abdominal organs.

Excited to see your pictures rolling in!

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Recently, Malaika Arora got her first dose of vaccine. She battled corona last year and gave it a tough fight. 

The glam diva, who runs a yoga studio by the name of Diva Yoga centre often urges people to either take to yoga or hit the gym to keep the body, mind and soul balanced. 

Malaika is dating actor Arjun Kapoor and the two look adorable together. Their social media PDA often grabs attention.


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