Major planets on the move: Saturn and Jupiter out of retrogration – Effects on all zodiac signs!


New Delhi: Whether you’re an avid astrology aficionado or not, you might have heard the word retrograde thrown around at least twice in your life. So what does this actually mean? And what does 2021 have in store for you when it comes to this?

Once every year, the planets Saturn and Jupiter go retrograde. In technical terms, the word retrograde means ‘directing or moving backward, and that’s exactly what we mean when we say Saturn and Jupiter are in retrograde. In more astrological terms, retrograde means looking back at the past, and is known to be the ideal time to reflect on the past year. In 2021, Saturn has been in retrograde since 23rd May and is in Capricorn in the Nakshatra of Sharavana till 11th October 2021. Meanwhile, Jupiter has been in retrograde from 20th June to 18th October 2021. 

Saturn in Direct vs Saturn in Retrograde 2021 

When Saturn is direct (Shani margi) (moving in the right direction), one can feel the effect of the planet in a more outer form. This would most likely make you feel that things are going upwards and downwards quite often. Saturn direction in astrology deals with the day-to-day outer challenges in life. But keep in mind, the challenges Saturn direction brings are indeed lessons that help you grow and mature around your goals and focus on what comes next. 

When Saturn is not direct and rather, in retrograde, the effects you feel will be more inward – in the sense that you will reach out to yourself more. This will help you reflect on your past year, and take a dip into reviewing different aspects of your life like traditions, rules, decisions, structures, etc. The Saturn retrograde (Shani vakri) is a great opportunity to look into yourself and see if you’re on the right track with your life as a whole. 

So what does Saturn retrograde actually mean in 2021?

The 2021 Saturn retrograde has indeed come at the right time. The past year has been hard on every individual. The world has seen devastating loss and trouble, and this retrograde is the perfect time to reflect on the lessons learned during this time. 

These months can be sensitive but can also be the pillars in making you strong and making sure you learn from past experiences. It’s a great way to regroup and come back to your original goals if you seem sidetracked. 

Jupiter in Direct vs Jupiter in Retrograde 2021

In astrology, Jupiter is said to be the planet of luck, prosperity, and abundance as a whole. This means, having a strong Jupiter in your birth chart will bring a strong sense of good fortune, good health, good friendship, and great wealth. 

Jupiter went from Jupiter directly to in retrograde on 20th June 2021, in Aquarius, and transitioned into Capricorn on 15th September 2021. Jupiter is going to be in retrograde till 18th October 2021. 

When Jupiter is direct in astrology (Guru Margi), one will feel more confident, and will see the strides of luck guide them through. Meanwhile, when Jupiter is in retrograde, it might stimulate the opposite effects. However, this doesn’t mean that Jupiter can only bring in good fortune when it’s direct. When you dive deeper into yourselves, Jupiter in retrograde (Guru Vakri) brings about a sense of self-awareness that is needed in every being. This transition will push our limits and will help us step out of our comfort zones. 

So what does Jupiter retrograde actually mean in 2021?

This year, when Jupiter is in retrograde, you can expect it to be essential for those looking for intellectual expansion. In its retrograde, Jupiter will help inculcate strength within ourselves. 

Jupiter retrograde this year will bring about a lot of opportunities for us to look over. These will be opportunities that will in turn bring in luck, fortune, and abundance – all the factors the Jupiter planet brings. 

Even though things might slow down when Jupiter is not direct, and rather in retrograde, it is a great time to ask questions about growth, spend time refocusing, and find newer ways of beating day to day challenges. 

Jupiter and Saturn Direct 2021 – Date and Time

All in all, while planets in retrograde might not externally affect your life when Saturn and Jupiter are direct, the internal works are very strong and help in building ourselves internally and spiritually.

Saturn becoming direct on 11th October will end all the delays and troubles you have been facing. One can once again expect things to move in the right direction. Meanwhile, Jupiter becoming direct on 18th October will open new doors and windows of opportunities for everyone. 

Effects on all sun signs of planets retrogradation


This is the time to achieve great things. You will be fueled with a sense of determination and good luck is bound to come your way in both professional and personal lives.


As Jupiter and Saturn once again become direct, you will see your approach to success become faster. Anything that was bringing a pause to your growth will now open up and luck will once again come your way.


Gemini will see a complete change in luck when it comes to personal relationships. Marriages are blessed at this time, and those that might have been set back will once again reel in with power. 


If you think settling down with your partner and building a family was at a pause, it’s no longer going to be the same. The doors of marriage and love are going to open up once again. 


With Jupiter and Saturn moving direct once again, all unfinished business is going to be completed successfully. Good luck is bound to come your way in this period. 


The benefits of education will be with you during this time. If things were getting closed for you, it’s going to change now. Whether professional, personal, or educational – the planets are now in your favor. 


Professional growth might have been bothering you for a while now, but as Saturn once again is direct, you will see the growth pick up once again. Perhaps a promotion might be coming your way soon.


Money matters will be resolved during this time. You might even come across a large sum of money in the form of professional growth, or even gifts. It’s a good time for you as things will once again move in the right direction.


Whatever was on hold in the past few months will be released during this time. Those seeking for marriages will be successful. And those who might be suffering with health issues will see a positive turn. 


All the doubts you’ve been having lately will be cleared out during this period. Doors will once again open in the professional and educational field. Financial debts will also be easily cleared off during this time. It’s a time of prosperity and luck.


Your energy will be at an all time high. The bad is going to step out and the good is going to step in. Professional and personal growth, both, are going to be by your side. For those looking to step into new relationships – this is a good time for you.


You will be rewarded for your patience during this time. New opportunities are waiting for you and any delays that might have taken place previously will now be over. 

These predictions are by Astro expert Dr Sundeep Kochar.

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