Maha Shivratri 2021: Devotees observing fast to please Lord Shiva can consume these food items


New Delhi: The much-awaited festival of Maha Shivratri is upon us and the devotees of Lord Shiva are all set to observe the Maha Shivratri vrat. This year Maha Shivratri will fall on Thursday (March 11). Shivratri is one of the most auspicious festivals celebrated by Hindus every year. 

As we ring in the marital union of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva, here are a few food items one can relish in while observing the fast. 

1. Potato-based dishes

Potato-based dishes are a must for any vrat observing person. Several dishes can be prepared using potatoes, just keep in mind the salt you use. You can also just boil the potatoes and eat them with curd.

2. Milk-based items

You can drink plain milk or add dry fruits in it. Milk-based items like curd, barfi, kheer can also be consumed on the vrat day. 

3. Dry fruits

Dry fruits like cashew, almonds, raisins are the best way to keep you maintain your energy while observing fast. 

4. Fruits

Fruits are your best friend any day and they are one of the best ways to beat those hunger pangs while observing the auspicious fast. 

5. Sabudana 

You can cook sabudana (sago) and make different dishes. One of the items that can be made is sabudana khichdi which can be made of potato, sago pearls and peanuts. 

A very Happy Maha Shivratri!

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