Loki’s Tom Hiddleston gives compliment to Ashish Chanchlani in new video: ‘You have sweetest smile’


Tom Hiddleston, who previously revealed that he has a sister in India, has complimented Indian YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani. The latter featured in a video with the Loki star and asked the Marvel star about the Disney+ series.

Before Ashish Chanchlani began asking his questions, Tom Hiddleston complimented Ashish’s smile. He said, “Listen, you’ve got the most, you’ve got the sweetest smile.”

In the video, Tom opened up about working with wearing his Loki suit, which he wore in 2012, again, sharing the screen with Owen Wilson and also opened up about an Avenger he would like to see share more screen time with Loki.

“Gosh, there are so many Avengers. I think The Winter soldier maybe, with Sebastian Stan. Maybe somebody from Wakanda since Loki has never met anybody from there so that would be interesting. I think probably they would look down at him and think he is pathetic. So yeah! Some of the characters like Danai Gurira’s character, Dr. Strange. I feel it would be interesting for Loki and Spider-Man to meet because then you have ‘TH’ and the other ‘TH’ and whatever conversation they have will be cool,” he said.

Before the video ended, Ashish asked Tom to share a message for his Indian fans. The Thor actor said, “I want to tell all the fans in India, thank you so much for supporting me and these characters in the films. I really hope you like what we have done with Loki, and I think you are going to enjoy it.”

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Tom also recently opened up about watching Shah Rukh Khan. The actor was asked to associate a name with different topics. He associated Shah Rukh for India and Bollywood. Reciprocating his love, Shah Rukh tweeted on Friday, “You are kind, God of Mischief… hope there’s no mischief behind this claim though. Lots of love Tom and can’t wait to binge Loki!!! Starting now- Ep 1.”

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