Lal lal kya hai: Paparazzi ask Aly Goni about ‘red marks’ on his neck, actor has hilarious reply!


New Delhi: Television star Aly Goni is known for his friendly demeanour and great sense of humour. The tall and handsome actor was recently spotted by paps as he was getting into his car. While walking towards this car, one of the paps asked him a question about the red marks on his neck. It seems the pap was jokingly insinuating at Aly having ‘love bites’ on his neck. Aly blushed at his question and cleverly replied saying that the marks weren’t what the pap was thinking.

The photographer said, “Aly bhai, lal lal kya hai (Aly, what are those red spots on your neck). Aly pointed at his neck and said, “Yeh? Jo tu soch raha hai woh nahi hai (This? It’s not what you think).

Ace photographer Viral Bhayani had shared the video of this hilarious conversation on his Instagram page.

Check out the video of the funny exchange:


Fans were amused by Aly’s witty remark and expressed that wherever Aly is present, there’s always humour. One fan wrote, “AHAN ALY HOTA H, AISA HO HI NHI SKTA H WAHAN HUMOUR NA HO TOOO GOOD”, while another commented, “His humour always on point”. 

One of the paps even gifted Aly a mask with Jasmin and his picture printed on it. The actor graciously accepted it and even wore it for the camera.

Aly Goni is currently in a relationship with Jasmin Bhasin. The lovebirds Jasmin and Aly began their romantic relationship during their time in the Bigg Boss 14 house.

They were best friends before the show but they saw a change in their dynamic on the show. The duo was often spotted discussing the possibility of love with each other and taking things forward.

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