Kunal Khemu’s new homie is here, But who?

Kunal Khemu


Kunal Khemu’s new homie is here

After Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, US Senator Bernie Sanders arrived at actor Kunal Khemu’s house. On Saturday, Kunal too boarded the ‘Bernie Sanders’ meme train as he arrives in his bedroom. The actor took to Instagram to share a picture of himself sitting on a sofa in the room along with his new homie Bernie. The US Senator has become the most viral meme after his casual appearance at the US presidential inauguration. 

Taking to the photo-sharing app, Kunal captioned the meme in a hilarious caption “Har chamakti cheez sona nahi hota … har footballer Maradona nahi hota … har sweet dish firnie nahi hota aur har homie Bernie nahi hota #berniesanders.”

Soon his meme post was flooded with laughing emojis. A user wrote “Are guddu bhaiya kya bat hai.” Another said, ” ur golmaal dialogues are epic and humourous..”

Bernie Sanders’s casual appearance in mittens and ‘grandpa jacket’ became a subject of meme for many Bollywood celebs Actress Deepika Padukone too had been a part of the hilarious meme fest. She took to her social media to share a picture of herself in a professional kitchen, where she was joined by Bernie. She even asked her fans and followers to suggest a suitable caption for the picture and the fans did not disappoint the actress. Deepika’s husband and actor Ranveer Singh commented: “Namak zara kamm daalna beti.” 

Reacting to his memes, Bernie told Seth Meyers “I was just sitting there trying to keep warm, trying to pay attention to what was going on.” He was photographed sitting crosslegged, wearing mittens and a mask at the US presidential inauguration.

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