Kinda App’s Reward Program: how to be part of it


While it becomes more and more difficult to navigate social networks due to sophisticated algorithms, forcing users to spend more on ads and promotion, there are still developers in the world that create platforms for the users’ interests.

Let’s talk about a new short video app, where everything is made for a good pastime, self-expression, and promotion of talented users. And the word “talent” is not accidental here.

The Kindda app is created as a platform to demonstrate the talents and hidden skills of everyone, yes, everyone, since in Kindda they believe – everyone has a talent – worthy to be shown.

Kindda, in this regard, is a unique product. It’s not only easy to promote and establish yourself as a cool content creator here. Also, the algorithm of the social network is built in such a way that every achievement and action inside the app is rewarded with an inner currency. The currency or the reward is called “Rubies” and it can be spent not only to level up in the app but also to buy a promotion or spend it on gifting (you will be able to send virtual gifts to your favorite users). 

In addition, the platform itself promotes your profile and there are various quests for leveling up. Once you complete the quest a badge appears below your profile making you feel like a champion. For the completion of each quest the user is promoted in the social network. Cool? Still would!

The best video effects and filters that you can only find on Kindda are made for your videos go viral! A unique rewarding system, special video effects, and cool filters are all about Kindda. 

The app is a place where everyone is equal. India’s top influencers are here – from Abhishek and Siddharth Nigams to Aditi Sharma and Chotu Dada. All of them launched accounts and challenges on Kindda. Participating in these celebrities’ challenges can be rewarding as well: you can get featured on their Kindda profile. 

Kindda is the best place to discover and be discovered by millions. Join Kindda app, download it now

(Disclaimer: This is brand desk content).

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