Kashmera Shah, Rohit Verma support Nisha Rawal, say Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame Karan Mehra did assault her!


New Delhi: After actress Nisha Rawal accused husband and ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ fame actor Karan Mehra of physical assault, actress Kashmera Shah and fashion designer Rohit Verma have sided with the actress and say she is speaking the truth.

Both Kashmera Shah and Rohit Verma, who are close friends of the couple, spoke to a leading daily to vouch for Nisha.

“Karan is lying, it’s not true, have you seen Nisha’s face. Whatever accusations Karan has been making are false and Nisha has all the proof. She has all the documents and all his claims are going to fall flat. If you see Nisha’s forehead she had to get four stitches. Uss ladki ne kya maanga apne bacche ke liye thoda sa paisa maanga na kya galat kiya. (Nisha only asked money for her son). Nisha left her career for love. She was more successful at one point of time when she left her career and got married to Karan. It was a big mistake that she chose love over her career. Even if you don’t get along it’s fine, but at least you can talk to each other politely,” shared Rohit Verma to ETimes.

Rohit who seems to closely know the matter added that Nisha has all the proof of Karan’s abusive behaviour. “I have all the recordings where Nisha has tried to mend things and told him she is ready to stay with him in a small house also, and forgive his extramarital affair as well. She told him, they can work through social media and earn money. She gave all her jewellery to him. She was sitting with me in front of the cops and for the first time she was giving all the proof that Karan has been transferring all the money from her account to his own,” further revealed the fashion designer.

Actress Kashmera Shah, dismissing Karan’s claim that Nisha hit herself to frame him, told ETimes, “Not true it is not possible for her to bang herself and get such a deep gash. It cannot be self-inflicted, there is a lockdown going on what if she didn’t get medical attention. Right now more than domestic violence we are standing with a friend and we will always be here for her.”

“He should understand she is a mother who is taking care of her child and has been working all these years. And whatever I know Karan has done some financial mess which actually strained their relationship between the two of them. But whatever the issue you cannot raise your hand on anyone this cannot be tolerated,” added Kashmera.

Earlier on Tuesday (June 1), Nisha filed a police complaint against Karan for physical assault. The actor was later granted bail and had dismissed all claims of any physical abuse done by him to his wife. He on the contrary alleged Nisha of self-inflicting the injury and framing him.

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